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Yes, you read it right, I partied at Seremban! Who would have taught there’s a decent party place outside KL and Penang, but even to a not so keen party goer like me (age laaa), Trilogy Bistroat Era Square was actually a pretty good place and I had a great experience overall.

Trilogy at Era Square, Seremban
KY, DJ Jerryca, Suanie, and co-host Lum

We actually headed to the club right after dinner, and as Saturday nights go, the crowd doesn’t get there before 10pm. We practically had the whole place to ourselves. As our friend Lum knows the director of the club Mr. Loo very well, we actually got to leech some alcohol from the house. Suan was of course, very happy about that..

Trilogy at Era Square, Seremban
plenty of drinks, and the hamsup Nicholas

The music was a bit of hip hop and contemporary stuff at the beginning. After about 10+ when the crowd was starting to build up, DJ Jerryca came in and put in some awesome tunes. It was a bit of dance and techno style (I think, since I’m a total idiot when it comes to categorization of music), but I really did like it. Too bad I was somehow still in my shorts and sandals, hence was not able to showcase my talented dance moves to the Seremban people. What a let down, right?

Trilogy at Era Square, Seremban
chilling at the club

Now the director Mr. Loo is just too nice a guy. For the 5 of us (Nicholas, Suanie, Ringo, Lum, and I), he actually prepared a couple pitchers of beer, a bottle of imported Vodka, and something like 8 glasses of cocktails, including Bloody Mary, Long Island Ice Tea, Margarita, and some stuff I can’t name. The mixtures tasted pretty good, I particularly love the Bloody Mary that comes with fresh celery, very refreshing while packing a punch.

Trilogy at Era Square, Seremban
Lum & Suanie, Ringo and director Mr. Loo, DJ Jerryca

If you think about it, getting to Seremban only takes about 45 minutes from Klang Valley. The free parking pretty much offsets the toll price, and getting to and from there could be faster than getting stuck in the KL Saturday night traffic. Maybe the next time I want to party, I can make an excuse to get down there and sneaked in a dinner at Kensington at the same time!

More photos at my Era Walk flickr set.

No 18 , Jalan Era Square 3 ,
70000 Seremban,
Negeri Sembilan

Tel: 06-672 6619