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Whenever you are trying to enjoy some good old stinky durian, there are always flies all around you trying to share the spoil. Isn’t that just annoying? Don’t you hate it? Furthermore, it’s really unhygienic.

Now of course, the famous Suanie will show us the way to counter this pesky little natural phenomenon. Move your mouse pointer over to the graphic below to find out the answer.


On The Sun and other news sources today, Russell Crowe was reported whacking some hotel staff in New York due to poor service. In my opinion, he should be stripped off the Best Male Actor award he got from Gladiator simply for the fact that he didn’t act in that film, it was his nature to be whacking people.

Now we have a friend who is quite prominent on this blog. This dude has a history of wanting to whack people off the slightest annoyance. In fact, he was once forced to hang out at the conference room of the infamous ss2 police station for 9 hours for whacking a dude. 9 hours without food, water, or a chance to go to the toilet. Ouch. Fortunately he was let go without charges.

I tried my best imagining what would happened if we put Russell and our friend in the same picture, and all I can come up with was this.. Cheers.

Russell PWNED Fag

We often hang out at the best mamak stall in all of klang valley – Misai @ ss2.

Misai serves the best teh-o-ais, and while everything is good and dandy, there remains a small problem. You see, there is this dude who isn’t particularly visually appealing who enjoys going to Misai as much as we do. THE DUDE WEARS THONG EVERY SINGLE TIME, AND IT SHOWS! FUCKWITS APPETITE DESTROYER

We were trying to take a picture of him last night but I think he discovered what we were going to do and promptly switched to the other side of the table whereby he was facing us instead of facing away from us.

Again, I’ll let my illustration do the explanation. Morbid curiosity..

the thong guy at ss2

One fateful day I was sitting in Margie‘s kia sportage, happily day dreaming as it was just after lunch, I think I was dreaming about being a small whale.

All of a sudden Margie decided to drive through a hump at her usual speed. Now her car is an SUV, and those beasts don’t treat the rear passangers very well when going through humps at “normal speed”. I was thrown onto the ceiling that was about 10 inches from my head, BANGED it so hard even shaolin monks would feel the pain in the skull.

Later she said “I was only going at 80km/h”

I went “….. “

Margie driving the kia recklessly

So there was this taxi driver who was suspected to be robbing passangers.

Our police set up a task force to tracked down this rouge driver. They came close to nabbing him yesterday with 4 plain clothed policemen in 2 unmarked car.

The taxi was identified, a chase ensured, shots were fired. The taxi went on the New Pantai Expressway, one of the numerous privatised highways in the Klang Valley that we love to hate. Came the toll booth, taxi breezed through the SmartTag lane, while policemen were stranded in the manual lane. Suspect escaped

Hail to the SmartTag.

Moral of the story:
1. If you’re gonna evade the authority, get the SmartTag transponder.
2. Unmarked police cars should be equipped to withstand crashing through the lane without paying
3. Use a bike (free of charge on paid expressway)

Malay Mail link

suspect ran away with smart tag - ky draws