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I wrote about the excellent Ikura Hotate don I had during Isetan’s Hokkaido Fest last year. Well, it’s November again and Isetan is running their annual Hokkaido Fest for the first half of this month, and well, I just had to have the Ikura Hotate don again.

Hokkaido Fest at Isetan, Ikura Hotate don
excellent sushi at good price (after 8:30pm)

However, as my wallet is not a reverse black hole, and the price of that item stays at the same RM 39.90, I wasn’t able to afford it for lunch. Then again, there’s always a trick. Thanks to Joe who left a comment informing me of Isetan’s late evening Sushi deal, I had a chance to fix the craving.

You see, after 8pm, there is a 30% off for all Sushi products, and a 50% discount after 8:30pm. This include items offered in the Hokkaido Fest that is running till the 15th of this month too!

Hokkaido Fest at Isetan, Ikura Hotate don
Ikura (salmon roe)… *droolssss*

I bought my Hotate Ikura don and a Salmon Oyako don for the house mate. Altogether less than RM 40 for both after discount. It was one of the best take-away dinner I’ve ever had. If you work late at KLCC anytime before the 15th of the month, don’t miss out the chance!

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