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Just a few days ago, I brought a Malay colleague to one of my favorite lunch hide outs in KL, the really old school and slightly run-down medan selera (DBKL food court) behind Fahrenheit 88. The initial plan was to order a plate of sotong halia and telur dadar for lunch, but as fate would have it, my favorite stall, Adik Tomyam, was not open for business.

I took a seat at the same far end of food court nonetheless (nearer to Lot 10), and this was when I discovered Gerai Cak Anam.

Gerai Cak Anam at Medan Selera behind Fahrenheit 88
Gerai Cak Anam at Medan Selera behind Fahrenheit 88

The stall is operated by a couple Indonesian ladies (I assume) and offers quite a few selections of Indonesian food – bakso, soto ayam, gulai kambing, rojak lontong, tempe + telor penyet, bebek (duck), lele (cat fish), ayam, belud (eel), babat (tripe), bandeng (milk fish), and ikan sardin to be exact.

That’s what the signboard says, but I also spotted some prawn fritters as well.

bebek penyet (smashed duck) with excellent sambal
bebek penyet (smashed duck) with excellent sambal

Being a fan of duck, naturally I ordered the bebek penyet. For RM 6 you get a plate of rice that’s enough to feed a fleet of construction crews, decent serving of deep fried duck (I’m not sure if it’s “flattened”), raw cabbage, cucumber, and sweet, spicy, and delicious sambal that I love.

The dish does turned out to be pretty good, which leave me wanting to try their other meat/fish choices next time. Halal duck meat isn’t something you find very often, so if you’re hungry for some, here’s a place to check out.

map to Medan Selera behind Fahrenheit 88

Gerai Cak Anam
Medan Selera at Jalan Padang, Bukit Bintang
GPS3.145101, 101.713108
Tel012-3538 440