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Happy Valentine’s day everyone, and no, the blog title isn’t exactly a spelling mistake. I just want to tell you a story that you might completely be uninterested, but I am going to tell you anyhow.

It all started at a little over 2 years ago after I posted an entry about a small Thai restaurant called iThai (used to be near Atria but has relocated to Millenium Court at PJ since). The 8th comment on the post said

Looks inviting! I wana go but then am not familiar with the road =(

So I added this Valz on my MSN list via the email from the comment link and offered to take her out to iThai. It’s all very corny I know, but amazingly, she agreed!

We did go to iThai, and numerous other eating places from then on. She first appeared in my blog on the Momo Japanese Restaurant post (4th collage, 3rd picture with the “good” sign). She’s a beautiful girl (hot chick maa) with a sense of humor and an equal love for good food (except a lot pickier).

The rest, well, like they say, is history.

Happy Valentine’s day my Valentina aka Hot Chick. This is the 2nd of many to come.

ze Hot Chick