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Since WCE (West Coast Expressway) is now partially opened, the travel time from where I stay in Shah Alam to Kuala Selangor was cut off by quite a bit to only around 45 minutes instead of the usual hour plus, a seafood meal at this part of Selangor is now possible without being a laborious journey.

Makanan Laut Jeti, Kuala Selangor
Makanan Laut Jeti, Kuala Selangor

My last seafood trip to Kuala Selangor was at Restoran Kuang Wah, so I’ve decided to give another outlet a try this time around, and we settled on Jetty Seafood Restaurant, also located at the same general area by the mount of Selangor River.

crabs and snails
crabs and snails

Ordering here is quite a simple affair, they have a straight forward menu with some photos, but most importantly, they prices of those “market price” seafood are clearly written on the white board by the wall.

For two pax, we ordered a couple steamed local crabs, spiky shellfish, a plate of 4 kingdom vege (long bean, okra, petai, brinjal), deep fried seafood tofu, and salt and pepper mantis prawns.

4 kingdom vege, seafood tofu, mantis prawns
4 kingdom vege, seafood tofu, mantis prawns

While the crabs were small-ish in size, they were fresh, having them steamed also kept the natural sweetness intact, the only way to have good quality crab in my opinion.

Those spiky snails were a bit too small, quite a bit of work to eat, would probably skip that next time.

Vege was nice with a strong belacan taste while being only slightly spicy. The seafood tofu was really good, you can taste the bits of seafood within the tofu, I enjoyed it a lot.

I was hoping the mantis prawns came intact instead of shelled, but the dish turned out pretty decent, no complaints there.

Jetty Seafood Restaurant Menu
Jetty Seafood Restaurant Menu & price

Dinner came out to be RM 124.30, with what we ordered, I thought it was a pretty sweet deal. Planning another trip soon!

map to jetty seafood kuala selangor

Jetty Seafood Restaurant
26 Jalan Pasir Penembang
Kuala Selangor
45000 Selangor
GPS: 3.348020, 101.251619
Tel: 017-349 7713

A couple weeks ago my friend Carol texted a question that I could say no to – it was something to the tune of “Wanna go have some crabs in Klang?”

And so, that’s how we ended up at Kali Little in Pandamaran.

Kali Little Restaurant, Pandamaran, Klang
Kali Little Restaurant, Pandamaran, Klang

Kali Little is located at the pretty old school area of Klang by the name of Pandamaran, which is pretty close to the jetty in which you can take a boat to Pulau Ketam. However, the crabs served here aren’t from that dirty little island, instead, they’re imported all the way from Sri Lanka, which explains the gigantic size.

Apparently, having crabs at Kali Little carries some sense of adventure, not only the location itself is a bit of a treasure hunt, the availability of crabs itself requires some element of luck.

In fact, when we arrived, we were told there were “no crabs” .. yet. Only after half way through our initial meal of lala meehun, salted prawns, and vege did the live crabs from KLIA came in. So do call in advance to avoid disappointment.

crabs, these were just medium size ones
these were just medium size ones, carol showing the crabs

The crabs we ordered were of “medium” size, but they were actually already rather big for my standard.

While there are quite a few methods in which crabs can be prepared, the most popular choice here would be their signature salt baked crabs. This method retains the taste of crabs without introducing additional flavors that takes away the natural sweetness of these sea spiders.

And yes, the crabs were awesome, and we thoroughly enjoyed them to the fullest, it was just so juicy, sweet, and flavorful.

lala meehun, vege, salted prawns
lala meehun, vege, salted prawns

The other dishes we had were pretty decent as well. The lala meehun was as good as the version at Heng Kiat, and those salted prawns were quite fresh and delicious as well. We did not order the popular porky dish (we probably should have) or those lala soup.

it's certainly not cheap, but the crabs!
it’s certainly not cheap, but the crabs!

The bill came up to RM 281. Definitely not an “economic” meal especially for Klang standard, but we’d be laying if we said it wasn’t a satisfying dinner.

map to Kali Little, Klang

Kali Little Restaurant
89, Jalan Pandamaran Jaya 2,
Kampung Sijangkang,
42000 Pelabuhan Klang, Selangor
GPS: 3.010704, 101.424395
Tel: 012-271 4444

Many many years ago, before the existence of this website and when I was still a student in the States, we took a super long road trip down to New Orleans for spring break. It was a beautiful city with quite a bit of culture, and it was also the first time I had Louisiana style seafood, with crayfish, shrimps, and those really distinctive sauce.

A few weeks ago, I had the same type of seafood treatment for the second time of my life, right here at PJ SS2’s Crab Factory.

Crab Factory at PJ SS2
Crab Factory at PJ SS2

Crab Factory has been in existence for almost 3 years now, situated just right across the road from McDonald’s in the busy commercial area that is PJ SS2. Parking can sometimes be a challenge at this area, especially on a Monday night when Pasar Malam is in full swing. Which isn’t really a problem since Crab Factory smartly chooses Monday to be their rest day.

menu with price list on the table, and on the wall
menu with price list on the table, and on the wall

The restaurant is tastefully decorated with very practical table arrangment fit for group and couple dining as well. For those who are worried about going out of hands in terms of budgeting for a seafood feast, the prices are well written on the wall, in the menu, as well as their website at

brown crabs in signature southern bang sauce
brown crabs in signature southern bang sauce

The ‘standard operating procedure’ when it comes to a shell-out type of restaurants like this is a little bit different from the conventional seafood restaurants many of us are familiar with. There’s no fork & spoon, chopsticks, or even gloves.

crawfish in zesty lemon, shrimp with garlic butter
crayfish/yabbie in zesty lemon, shrimp with garlic butter

The seafood is poured onto your table that is laced with a giant piece of food grade wax paper. You then use your base hands to feed these delicious sea creatures right into your mouth ala caveman style. Quite a fun experience for most, but you’d want to make sure the nails are clean prior to dinner.

For a restaurant this size, the seafood selection is rather impressive. There are various types of crabs such as brown crab, king crab, spanner crab, and meat crab. Then there’s normal lobster, red lobster, and slipper lobster. You want shrimps? They’ve got tiger prawn, white prawn, freshwater prawn, and amaebi. Then there’s baby octopus and several types of shellfish as well.

brown crab set
brown crab set

If you can’t choose, the easiest way to start is with one of their sets. Such as the crab set we tried. In addition to your choice of crab, the set come with king white prawns, yabbies, hamaguri clams, NZ green mussels, scallop in shells, and baby octopus.

Additionally, there’s also sweet corn, chicken sausage, potatoes, french beans and shallot rice. These are the stuff that will help fill up the stomach a bit if you don’t want to overindulge yourself to way too much seafood (like we did this session)

brown crab set, mussels, and more shrimps
brown crab set, mussels, and more shrimps (spicy plum sauce)

We sampled quite a variety of offerings from Crab Factory. The crabs were really fresh, big, and very juicy. The white shrimps tend to soak up seasoning very well, while baby octopus is perhaps just a tad slightly more cooked than I’d like it to be, but I think they stay quite true to the Louisiana style.

As for the sauces, I found myself enjoying the Signature Southern Bang sauce quite a bit, but my favorite has got to be the with the butter garlic sauce, which I think let you really taste the sweetness of seafood.

good times, and extremely full stomach
good times, and extremely full stomach

Overall it was quite a fun experience, the only problem I had was trying to operate the camera while eating with my bare hands (many trips to the water basin).

If you want to treat yourself some out-of-the-norm seafood feast, this is certainly a worthy option.

Here are several news worthy items you may find useful:

  • Valid till the 15th of January 2017 – Double Trouble- 2 L Crabs for RM120 only (1.2-1.4kg)
  • Seafood sets for 2-3 pax
    1) Meat Crab-M (2pcs) RM175
    2) French Brown Crab (900gm – 1kg)  RM239
    3) King Crab L 900gm – 1kg)  RM299
  • new sauce – Thai Sambal and Spicy Plum
  • Scroll down and you’ll a coupon for 25% off (valid till 31st Jan 2017)

Crab Factory at SS2

Crab Factory
19, 3rd Floor, Jalan SS2/64,
47300, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
GPS3.118700, 101.620372
Tel03-7877 6764

25% off discount seafood set for 2

Sometimes the closest restaurants are the one that you never really bother to go, and such is the case with Hoi Peng Seafood at SS2 for us. After staying at SS3 for almost ten years, we only went to this place the other day when Horng suggested that maybe we should check it out since it’s a branch from the famous Old Klang Road eatery.

So we did, and luckily, were not disappointed.

Hoi Peng Seafood restaurant at SS2
Hoi Peng Seafood restaurant at SS2

Hoi Peng is located on the same row as the massive electrical appliance store that is ESH, and thankfully, this side of SS2 (which also houses Lobsterman, Nyonya Restaurant, Bibichik, Teo Chew Meng, etc) does not have the same parking problem as the main square.

There isn’t any decoration to speak of, but the restaurant is equipped with air conditioning, something that they were very proud of when it was first opened some 20+ years ago.

the glorious steamed crab, with huge claws to boot
the glorious steamed crab, with huge claws to boot

The menu is pretty simple here, you have crab, prawns, a few types of fish, vegetable, tofu, and chicken. There is no pork, and to me, this is forgivable for a seafood place.

For the four of us, we ordered 2 crabs. They were pretty big and most importantly, tasted very fresh, firm, and packed with that seafood sweetness. We got ours steamed and it was glorious. The Chinese wine, ginger, and small amount of egg white completes the dish. We really loved it.

kam heong mantis shrimp, seafood tofu, "tian chat" vege, fried tongfun
kam heong mantis shrimp, seafood tofu, “tin chat” vege, fried tongfun

The kam heong mantis shrimp had a great tasting coating to it and was rather delicious. However, we wished that the mantis prawns were bigger though, there were more crust than meat here.

Seafood tofu did not disappoint, I would describe it as something in between a very good crab stick and tofu, can’t go wrong with the accompanying chili sauce.

Our stomach stuffer was fried tongfun (glass noodle) with shrimps. Simple and delicious.

Finally, a plate of tin chat (田七 ) vegetable provided the necessary vitamin C quota, and if you have the chance, you should definitely try it. The leafy vegetable has a very distinct taste to it that I really enjoyed.

map to Hoi Penag seafood restaurant, SS2

At almost RM 60 per pax, dinner here is certainly not cheap, but with the quality of food and those excellent crabs, I would not hesitate to return.

Hoi Peng Seafood Restaurant
30, Jalan SS2/24
47300 Petaling Jaya
GPS3.113683, 101.62073
Tel: 03 7874 2199/ 03- 7875 4060
Hours: 4 pm – 11.30 pm

A few weeks ago my colleague Joyceanne came out of nowhere and told me she was going to give me some live crab and if I was going to be able to bring them home on my motorcycle. Well, since you don’t get opportunities like this very often, with the help of her friend Kaiqi, who actually supplied the crabs all the way from Johor, we loaded 3 live mud crabs into my backpack. Thank you Joyce & Kaiqi!

The crustaceans took a ride of their lifetime, and arrived safe and sound at home just in time for Haze and I to decide that butter crab is in the menu of the night.

first, you have to do the dirty job by killing the crabs
first, you have to do the dirty job by killing the crabs

For the muslims who may not want to consume mud crab, flower crab can be used in replacement with this cooking method as well.

Here’s the pretty simple recipe we found online for butter crab, originally shared on Rasa Malaysia.

The ingredients to serve 2-3 person:

  • 3 live mud crabs (or flower crabs)
  • 1 stick of butter
  • 1/2 cup of evaporated milk
  • 1 teaspoon cornstarch as thickening agent
  • 6-12 chili padi
  • 2-3 stalks of curry leaves
  • 1 teaspoon of sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon of salt (to taste)

 melt butter, add chilli padi and curry leave before the crabs
melt butter, add chilli padi and curry leave before the crabs

The trickiest part of this recipe turned out to be .. killing the crab!

For those of you who has a heart made of steel, just go ahead and rip apart the crab’s shell alive and that’ll do the trick. We ended up using a chopstick and drove into the belly of the crabs, which also effectively killed the crab after about 10-15 minutes.

add evaporated milk and simmer for about 5 minutes
add evaporated milk and simmer for about 5 minutes

Anyway, here’s the cooking instructions:

  • clean and kill the crabs, then cut in halves and remove gills after removing shells, use pestle to pre-crack the crab claws for easier consumption
  • heat up wok with medium heat and melt butter
  • add chilli padi and curry leaves
  • when aroma is released, add crab and stir until the shells turn red
  • add evaporated milk and cover to simmer for about 5 minutes
  • add cornstarch (pre-mixed with water) and stir for a minute to thicken sauce before serving

here it is, creamy butter crab, goes well with some fried buns
here it is, creamy butter crab, goes well with some fried buns

And here you go, the butter crab turned out rather delicious. You can enjoy this dish with some fried buns or with rice/noodle, or basically anything.

Now you know what to do with live crabs! Check out other recipes by yours truly by clicking on the KY Cooks category. 🙂