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As far as birds go, goose is one of my favorites for consumption. For the rich and fehmes, you have foie gras; for the rest of us, there is always roast goose. Glorious glittering roast goose.

Yi Kee restaurant at Taman Connaught
Yi Kee restaurant at Taman Connaught

Unfortunately for the goose lover among us, there just aren’t that many places that offers this glorious bird. More often than not, places like Canton-i or Soon Fatt at Pudu runs out of them rather quickly.

Yi Kee is an old establishment that’s been around for a while, I guess you can sorta count the experience of the chef by his wrinkles… (and perhaps the goose fat in between, anyway I shall stop talking crap and get on with the program).

glorious roast goose drumstick
glorious roast goose drumstick

We arrived at Yi Kee on the weekends just past prime lunch hours, and luckily there were still roast goose left. Haze and I ordered goose for two, a serving of roast pork, and rice. I’ve heard they serve some good steamed soup, but we tried not to over order that day for a change.

A couple minutes later we were served with a rather huge portion of 1/4 goose, dark meat with drum stick. I stared at it for a minute, admiring the glistering fats over the layer of crispy skin that screamed at me, teasing it a little.

Then a bite, oh my. Roast goose will be roast goose, I’m not sure how great they are in HK, but this one is tasty and this one’s available, that will be good enough for me.

roast goose & roast pork, Haze & KY
roast goose & roast pork, Haze & KY

Goose and roast pork are served with plum sauce, dark sauce, and chili paste. All of which tasted authentic and home made. The plum sauce’s most definitely home made, not as thick as those off the shelve type but tasted quite a lot nicer.

The skin of roast pork here comes with super crispy skin, they are also fatty but the non fatty meat are the firmer type. Old style, nice, though not as addictive as the one at Wong Meng Kee at Pudu.

map to Yi Kee roast goose

Yi Kee is situated along Connaught Highway just across from where UCSI University (stupidest name ever, since UC = University College). Our lunch coasts about RM 20 per pax, guess goose is never cheap, but it was worth it.

223, Jalan Sarjana,
Taman Connaught,
Cheras, Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.082398, 101.734021
Tel: 03-9132 9968