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We decided to catch dinner at the nearby Petaling Street after going on the Eye on Malaysia a couple weeks ago. Even though it was a weekday, the heart of KL is packed as usual. We ended up at Hong Kee (鸿记) clay pot chicken rice after seeing that the rat’s tail clay pot place was not operating that night.

Hong Kee Clay Pot Chicken Rice at Petaling Street
the old school charcoal burner

Like it’s Damansara Jaya counterpart, this stall cooks the clay pot chicken rice with the old fashion charcoal fire instead of using propane gas. I’m not sure I could taste the different, but it sure make the food preparation a lot more exciting, attracting the tourists along the busy Petaling Street.

Although the place also sells Portuguese Ikan Bakar, we only ordered their signature dish, the clay pot chicken rice, and a plate of vegetable (油菜) for the night.

Hong Kee Clay Pot Chicken Rice at Petaling Street
suanie was philosophical about her food

Our food didn’t take too long to arrive. 2 big pots of steaming clay pot chicken rice for the 5 of us. The chicken rice marinated with the appropriate sauce, topped with some shredded salted fish, sliced lap cheong (Chinese Sausage), and spring onion was as good as I’ve tasted from anywhere. The vegetable though, was just average.

Hong Kee Clay Pot Chicken Rice at Petaling Street

Price wise, Hong Kee is inline with the other places despite operating in the city center. The meal costs about RM 10 for each of us, a pretty decent place to visit if you’re down at Petaling Street.

Map to Pudu
Hong Kee is just right next to the Chinese bookstore by Petaling Street

GPS: 3.144651, 101.698637

Now most of you have already tasted clay pot chicken rice, but did you know that there are ingredients other than chicken being thrown into the pot with rice and cooked the same way? Well I didn’t, not until the biofuel expert Kelvin told me about Busy Corner.

Busy Corner at Damansara Jaya, PJ
these guys are serious about their food

Busy Corner was pretty busy on the weekday night we went, but the restaurant is located in the middle of the shop row, not at the corner. At Damansara Jaya near KDU College, this place is also just a couple hundred meters from another very good clay pot chicken rice place near Atria.

For the five of us, we ordered a big Prawn clay pot rice, a big Beef clay pot rice, and a small Chicken clay pot rice. A couple plates of boiled bean sprouts and lettuce served as the provider of vitamin C and iron, and we ordered some pretty good herbal soups too.

clay pot chicken rice at Busy Corner
beef, prawn, chicken, and two vegetable dishes, yumm

The prawn clay pot was pretty different from what we have accustomed to, they are completely shelled and cooked in something akin to Thai sauce, a little spicy, but not overly done. I like the fact that the meat on our black pepper beef clay pot was not overly cooked, making them still succulent to the bite. As for the chicken, it was on par with the other places I have reviewed on this blog. All three main dishes came with raw onion on top, which was a pretty unique touch.

The steamed soup we ordered were pretty good too. I noticed little chunks of dried scallop in my herbal chicken soup, very nice.

map to Busy Corner at Damansara Jaya
Busy Corner is just a stone’s throw away from KDU

With the rice, soup, vegetables, and drinks, it came to slightly over RM 17 per person. Not on the very cheap side, but certainly not overly expensive considering what we ordered.

Restoran Busy Corner
83, Jalan ss 22/11
Damansara Jaya

GPS: 3.130532, 101.621143
Tel: 03-77253092 / 019-2695239

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After posting about the clay pot chicken rice at Damansara Jaya, a few of you have suggested me to give Veng Soon at PJ old town a try. Since I have been going to PJ old town quite often lately, I figured why not?

Veng Soon Clay Pot Chicken Rice at Petaling Jaya Old Town
restaurant Veng Soon, leng lui spotted

Veng Soon has a typical kopitiam set up with a pretty clean environment. On their menu is the chicken rice, over half dozen types of steamed soup, and a few types of oily vegetable, pretty much what you would expect from such a place.

For the three of us, we ordered 3 portions of chicken rice, water cress soup (西洋菜), pork tripe soup, and Chinese Broccoli (kailan) oily vegetable (油菜).

Veng Soon Clay Pot Chicken Rice at Petaling Jaya Old Town
note the raw ginger garnish on top of the rice

The two bowls of soup came first, and they were very good, especially the pork tripe, not overpowered by the strong pepper taste. As for the clay pot chicken rice, it was every bit just as good as the offering from Damansara Jaya. Plenty of chicken, lapcheong, and salted fish while having the rice not too dry nor wet. The biggest difference between the two places is generous portion of raw ginger strips as garnish at Veng Soon. I find the extra garnish goes rather well with the dish, adding a slightly different dimension of taste to it. As for the oily vegetable, it was just average.

Veng Soon Clay Pot Chicken Rice, Petaling Jaya Old Town map
just a short walk from the bus terminal

The dinner costs us about RM 10 per person, a fair price. The chicken rice were cooked with gas stove instead of charcoal fire, however, I do not find any difference in the taste that might contribute from the method of cooking at all.

No. F19, Jalan 1/21,
46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.086276, 101.646205