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Since taking over vacant possession of our new home in Shah Alam, we’ve been spending quite a bit of time inspecting defects and monitoring the construction of koi pond version 2.

With the new place just a stone’s throw away from Klang toll, we’ve started exploring the eateries nearby, such as the few rows of old school restaurants and kopitiam at Taman Berkeley, an area that’s already a favorite among the locals.

Number One Claypot Rice, Taman Berkeley
Number One Claypot Rice, Taman Berkeley

When trying out a new place, the rule of thumb is just stick with the most popular option. In a kopitiam, the most popular stall, and in a makan area like Berkeley, the restaurant that’s most packed.

Going with this rule brought us to Number One Claypot Rice, a restaurant that isn’t really overly humble on their claim.

claypot chicken rice cooked from scratch
claypot chicken rice cooked from scratch

Like most claypot chicken rice places, the rice is cooked from scratch claypots of two sizes. A single portion is priced at RM 7, and bigger, double person portion at RM 14. If there’s 5 of you, 2 big and 1 small, you do the math, it’s pretty simple.

In the pot you get plenty of bite size chicken, chunks of lap cheong (Chinese wax sausage), and a small amount of salted fish.

I find the rice and chicken pretty much spot on, with the sausage having slightly tougher skin that I’d like, and the salted fish, well, is something that I’ll need to ask for extra the next time around (you can do that for extra RM 2). The crispy bits of charred rice are there for those who love it that way.

chicken soup in coconut, braised vegetable
chicken soup in coconut, braised vegetable

To compliment the claypot chicken rice, we also ordered the coconut chicken soup (RM  7) and a side of braised vegetable (RM 5), there’s also option of herbal chicken soup, vegetable soup, or pork tripe soup (would be better I think!) to go around as well.

Everything came to be about RM 30 for the two of us, and the serving was certainly more than enough. Would go back again.

map to Number One claypot rice, Taman Berkeley, Klang

Number One Claypot Rice
Jalan Lang & Jalan Bangau (corner shop)
Taman Berkeley,
41500 Klang, Selangor
GPS: 3.059943, 101.463137
Hours: Open for dinner, closed to Tuesday

I visit MyDentist for my invisalign treatment almost every two weeks at Jalan Ipoh, and since they’re pretty flexible on scheduling, I always try to set it up on Fridays at around lunch time to allow me a chance to explore the surrounding eateries.

Not long ago, thanks to my friend Winnie, who works nearby, we discovered a rather awesoem claypot chicken rice place at Kim Poh kopitiam in Segambut.

Kim Poh claypot chicken rice at Segambut
Kim Poh claypot chicken rice at Segambut

Kedai Makanan Kim Poh is located a little bit away from the main stretch of shops at Segambut, within the housing estate just across the Yu Ai seafood noodle place.

The shop is manned by an old couple (I’m assuming) and the lady has been serving up claypot chicken rice for some 30 years.

clay pot chicken rice always go well with double boiled soup
clay pot chicken rice always go well with double boiled soup

While most claypot chicken rice has everything cooked in the pot with the exception of salted fish (added at the end), at Kim Poh, they add rice wine, dark sauce, fresh ginger, and the salted fish just right before serving. Giving it a fresher and slightly spicier (from ginger) taste that we really enjoy.

mix it up with fresh ginger and salted fish, delicious
mix it up with fresh ginger and salted fish, delicious

Like many other places, Kim Poh also serves pretty delicious steamed soup. There’s usually quite a few varieties to choose from, including salted vegetable with tofu soup, lotus root soup, ginseng with chicken soup, watercress soup and so forth.

These soup go very well with the rice, and I usually choose them over drinks instead.

Winnie & KY at Kim Poh, Segambut
Winnie & KY at Kim Poh, Segambut

With soup, expect to pay about RM 12-14 per person, pretty reasonable for what you get. Waiting time is usually around 10-20 minutes or as they cook everything from scratch.

Try it!

direction to Kim Poh Claypot Chicken Rice, Segambut

Kedah Makanan Kim Poh
Persiaran Segambut Utara
Taman Segambut, Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.182856, 101.677664

Claypot chicken rice is one of those Chinese food that is more popular in this region than most parts of China. With the preparation method that involves charcoal and claypot, it is also something that is usually consumed outside rather than home cooked. (though I’ve made similar style chicken rice at home)

A meal involving claypot chicken rice usually takes quite a bit longer than usual due to the time it takes to have the rice to cook, so it was fitting that we went to Huen Kee on a Friday 2-hour lunch break.

Claypot chicken rice at Huen Kee, with charcoal on top!
claypot chicken rice at Huen Kee, with charcoal on top!

Huen Kee has been in operation for well over a decade, and they have a little secret in cooking that I’ve seldom seen anywhere else – by utilizing charcoal from both bottom and top of the pot! This ensures a faster cooking time as well as a more even heat distribution on the rice, brilliant.

claypot chicken rice, pork tripe soup, seafood tofu, vegetable
claypot chicken rice, pork tripe soup, seafood tofu, vegetable

The chicken rice came with a separate serving of salted fish (if you asks for it), and has generation portion of chicken and Chinese sausage in the pretty strongly flavored rice that carries a hint of rice wine.

The aroma that exudes out from the pot as you mix the ingredients had me licking my lips before digging in, and the taste did not disappoint at all, it was one of the best claypot chicken rice I’ve had.

menu and price list at Huen Kee
menu and price list at Huen Kee

Other than chicken rice, we had pork tripe soup (spicy and offer a good contrasting taste to chicken), their signature seafood tofu (above average, but I prefer the one at Peter’s curry fish head), and some oily vegetable (for color and .. vitamin)

The claypot chicken rice is priced from RM 9, RM 16, and RM 22 according to size, and they also sell waxed duck rice, chicken with rice wine soup, and even curry fish head too.

map to Huen Kee claypot chicken rice

Huen Kee claypot chicken rice
59, Ground Floor,
Jalan Yew, Pudu,
Kuala Lumpur,
Wilayah Persekutuan 55100
GPS: 3.13392, 101.71664
Tel: 03-9200 1603

This is easily one of my favorite dishes from mom when I was young. Every time mom made her signature chicken rice, I would take a second serving. I think if she had made this more often, perhaps I’d be 6 foot tall and weigh 80kg with pure muscle (or more likely, same height with extra 20kg fat)

awesome home cook chicken rice with chinese sausage
awesome home cook chicken rice with chinese sausage

The ingredients are quite close to claypot chicken rice, but with a few extras that you typically wouldn’t find at hawker center.

While it does take a few extra steps to prepare, this isn’t a dish that is difficult to make at all, or have ingredients that are hard to source even if you aren’t reside in Malaysia (and crave for that claypot chicken rice). Here’s the recipe.

home cook chicken rice ingredients
home cook chicken rice ingredients – chicken, mushroom, chinese sausage

The ingredients (for 2 pax):

  • cooking oil
  • 1 quarter chicken (thigh & drumstick)
  • 2 Chinese sausage (lap cheong)
  • mushroom of any type
  • some garlic
  • dark soya sauce, soya sauce, salt
  • rice wine (optional)
  • shallots  & spring onion for garnish

fry the rice and ingredients, then continue in rice cooker
fry the rice and ingredients, then continue in rice cooker

You do need both a frying pan and rice cooker to make this dish, but no, there’s no clay pot or charcoal flame needed in this case.


  • debone and chopped chicken into bite size
  • heat up 2-3 table spoon of cooking oil, then fry chicken & diced garlic till chicken not pink
  • add sliced Chinese sausage and mushroom into the pan
  • add 2 tablespoon of dark soya sauce and continue frying for another 2 minutes
  • add half a teaspoon of salt and a few shakes of soya sauce (a bit of rice wine if available)
  • add rice and fry for a coupe minutes longer
  • put everything in rice cooker, add 1.3 cups of water and complete cooking in rice cooker as you would cook normal rice

prepare the condiments - fried shallots and spring onion
prepare the condiments – fried shallots and spring onion

While waiting for the rice to cook, prepare some fried shallots and chopped some fresh green onion as garnish. They will greatly add to the overall flavor and texture to the chicken rice dish.

One or two stalks of green onion and a couple shallots would be enough.

haze enjoying the chicken rice with radish soup
haze enjoying the chicken rice with ABC soup

The result is two plates of absolutely delicious home cook chicken rice prepared only in around one hour or so. The dish is best accompanied with some clear soup (ABC, radish soup, etc). Optionally, you can also add some salted fish on top, I would if I had some good quality ones to go with.

Taman Paramount is one of my favorite locations for dinner for the simple fact that it is pretty close to where I stay, and it doesn’t hurt that the area (including seapark and ss2) is littered with a lot of good old fashion eateries.

One one of our routine “what should we eat for dinner, how about just drive around till we find something?” exercise, we spotted this newly opened clay pot rice place that looked pretty decent, and thus decided to check it out.

Restaurant Gafan at Taman Paramount
Restaurant Gafan – the clay pot rice specialist

As it turned out, this Restaurant Gafan is a branch of the much reviewed clay pot chicken rice with the same name in Taman Connaught. If it’s good enough for masak-masak , it’s good enough for me.

The restaurant has a pretty basic kopitiam style set up, with plastic tables and chairs under plenty of ceiling fans.

clay pot chicken rice
clay pot chicken rice with lap cheong & salted fish, or fermented tofu

There’s 10 types of clay pot rice on the menu, 6 of them with chicken, remaining four with lamb, prawn, beef, and fish. They also offer a few types of vegetable, soup, and tofu to go with the main course.

I tried the basic clay pot chicken rice with lap cheong (with addition of salted fish) and also chicken with fermented tofu at this place, and so far both versions came out rather good (RM 7-10 per serving). I also like the fact that they give you a tower  towel to hold the super hot clay pot.

kerol and KY
Kerol’s enjoying her clay pot chicken rice, and so was I!

Do try the steamed soup (RM 4) here too. They are quite delicious, and sipping soup makes waiting for the freshly cooked clay pot rice a lot less boring.

Business is still pretty slow (at least at dinner time) but I do hope this place stays. Other clay pot chicken rice worth checking out includes Hong Kee at Petaling Street, Busy Corner and Khoon Kee at DJ, and Veng Soon at Old Town.

map to restaurant gafan

Restaurant Gafan
No. 11, Jalan 20/13
Paramount Garden,
46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
GPS: 3.106096, 101.625338
Tel: 017-608 3228