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While up at Sungai Petani a couple months ago, we took the opportunity to get my brother to introduce some of the more unique dishes the biggest city in Kedah has got to offer. Since we already had those awesome curry mee at Eupe food court, it was time for laksa fish at Restoran Piao Siang.

Restoran Piao Xiang at Sungai Petain, Haze & Win Sern
Restoran Piao Xiang at Sungai Petain, Haze & Win Sern

Restoran Piao Xiang, or Sin Piao Xiang, is located just a stone’s throw away from the Sungai Petani Utara toll plaza, and like most places in Sungai Petani, you won’t have too much of a problem trying to get a parking spot.

The restaurant opens for both lunch and dinner, and is considered one of the bigger eateries in the area, well, big enough to hosts wedding functions every now and then.

the famous asam fish, with fish, and some laksa noodle too
the famous laksa fish, with fish, and some laksa noodle too

For the three of us on a very hungry afternoon, we ordered four dishes to go with steamed rice.

The claim of fame here is the laksa fish (RM 26), a dish that is so simple in its ingredients you wonder why we don’t see it anywhere else. You make some awesome laksa broth, throw in steamed fish, mint leaves, and some laksa noodle for good measures.

I think having this dish as is as a whole meal is certainly viable, especially for laksa fans.

eggplant with sambal, stuffed chicken skin, seafood tofu
eggplant with sambal, stuffed chicken skin, seafood tofu

The eggplant with sambal (RM 7) is a musts order for those who like northern style sambal that comes with a kick. Seafood tofu (RM 9) is pretty decent as snacks, but the stuffed chicken skin (RM 17) actually surprised me, chicken skin stuffed with minced pork, reminds me of the first time I had something like that from Elegant Inn (stuffed with prawn meat tho).

Over all it was certainly a satisfying lunch, and one that is pretty reasonably priced too. If you’re up North, this is certainly not a bad place to check out.

map to Sin Piao Siang, Sungai Petani

Restaurant Piao Xiang
20 & 21 Jalan Melati 1,
08000 Sungai Petani, Kedah
GPS5.677679, 100.507461
Tel: 04-442 6219

After sampling Dorsett Grand Subang‘s Sunday (and public) dimsum buffet spread, we returned for another review session to check out some of Emperor restaurant’s signature dishes as well as their mooncakes offerings for the Mid Autumn festival happening a month from now.

wok-fried egg noodles and fresh water prawn "Cantonese" style
wok-fried egg noodles and fresh water prawn “Cantonese” style

Emporer Chinese Restaurant is a pork free restaurant, and the mooncake they prepare should be safe for those who don’t consume pork as well. Something to think about if you would want to use mooncake as cross-cultural gifts.

As with any proper Chinese dinner, we started with soup. The double boiled fish maw soup with bamboo pith & vegetable (RM 55) is perfect to warm the stomach and prepare the our palate for what’s to come.

The big ticket item was Wok-fried egg noodles and fresh water prawn “Cantonese” style (RM 60 regular), a dish that’s executed rather well with really massive fresh water prawn that’s packed with the roe, providing it with that extra jolt of savory taste. Certainly a good version of Sang Har Mee.

deep fried crispy spring chicken, braised homemade spinach beancurd, stir fry mix vege and fresh scallop
deep fried crispy spring chicken, braised homemade spinach beancurd,
stir fry mix vege and fresh scallop

I initially thought that the deep fried crispy spring chicken (RM 30) was pigeons at first, and to be honest, it provides little difference other than packing more meat. I find it just a tad dry and lacking fats, but I am also one who dislike kampung chicken, so your mileage may vary.

Braised home-made spinach beancurd with shimiji mushroom (RM 60) was one of my favorite dishes. The freshly made tofu was soft and I really liked how the addition of spinach gives it a different dimension.

The stir fry mix vegetable and fresh scallop in “Teow Chew” style (RM 60) came with quite a different selection of vegetables, including mushroom, lotus roots, asparagus, carrot, celery, and more; forming a cacophony of taste & texture in your mouth. Of course, the presence of scallops definitely help.

wok fried peeled prawn with homemade butter sauce
wok fried peeled prawn with homemade butter sauce

Lastly, the wok-fried peeled prawn with home made butter sauce (RM 52 regular) looks a little bit like the more familiar egg yolk version, but coated with butter and light breading instead. I like that the prawns are shelled for easy consumption.

Dessert came in the form of chilled mango puree with fresh mix fruit & sago (30), cold and refreshing.

classic and crystal skin mooncake, pandan, lotus paste, egg yolk etc
classic and crystal skin mooncake, pandan, lotus paste, egg yolk etc

The mooncakes from Dorsett Grand Subang are priced from RM 15++ to RM 20++ per piece, and as stated, they are pork free.

Mooncake came a long way since its existence  over a thousand years ago. You can now find a huge variety of fillings and different skins, it’s now easier than ever to find one that you like.

Some of the mooncakes offered here are:

  • pandan lotus paste with egg yolok
  • pure red bean paste with single egg yolk
  • white lotus paste with double egg yolk
  • crystal skin pandan lotus paste with egg yolk
  • red bean, sweet potato with egg yolk
  • green tea lotus paste with single egg yolk
  • pure sweet potato paste with single egg yolk
  • white lotus paste with single egg yolk and pure white lotus paste

I’m a simple man when it comes to mooncake though, give me anything with egg yolk (especially double egg yolk) and I’m happy.

eat all the mooncakes!
eat all the mooncakes! Chef Chong Foo Tuck – dimsum chef

If you buy 10 boxes of mooncake (4 pieces per box) at Dorsett Grand Subang, they will throw in two dining voucher for the Sunday dimsum branch. Pretty good deal if you ask me.

Additionally, CIMB credit card holders & Enrich members get 15%, with Dorsett Prestige members enjoying 20% off at The Emperor.

Happy dining!

map to Grand Dorsett hotel, Subang Jaya

The Emperor
Dorsett Grand Subang
Jalan SS12/1,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
GPS3.079211, 101.595999
Tel03-5031 6060 ext 1954
HoursSundays & Public Holidays 10 am – 2:30 pm

A couple weekends ago we were invited to the opening of Royal Flush Chinese Restaurant, the latest venture from the group behind Tom Dick and Harry, Hoofed, and Ali, Muthu, and Ah Hock.

Located at the relatively new Oasis Square at Ara Damansara, Royal Flush sits within a  grand three story building that could easily be mistaken as a shrine or palace. The interior lived up to the positive first impression of the building from the outside, it is beautifully furnished with what you’d expect from a classy Chinese eatery.

Update: This place is permanently closed

Royal Flush Chinese Restaurant at Oasis, Ara Damansara
Royal Flush Chinese Restaurant at Oasis, Ara Damansara

Five private rooms sits above the common dining hall on the ground floor, and there’s an outdoor rooftop moonlit garden as well. I was well impressed of the ambiance the place.

crispy spring rolls
crispy spring rolls

We were first treated with some tidbits before dinner officially kicks off. The crispy spring rolls tastefully presented on a bed of sprouts, it was crunchy on the outside and moist within, we made quick work of them with ice cold beer.

cucumber with pork floss and chestnut, "twin cold combination"
cucumber with pork floss and chestnut, “twin cold combination”

Cucumber with chestnut and pork floss probably took a hint from Japanese cuisine with it’s sushi-like presentation, but tasted distinctively Chinese. Combination of meat with the freshness of cucumber and the crunchy chestnuts worked well.

After these two dishes, our dinner from the 9-course Chinese New Year menu officially starts.

First to be served was “twin cold combination“. The oyster shot was delicious – fresh juicy oyster in a special light sauce that has Japanese soya sauce, lemon, and other touches in it’s list of ingredients. The shellfish, on the other hand, is served with kiwi fruits and tomato. I liked the seafood but am allergic to kiwi, so perhaps missing from the total experience.

dimsum combination, grilled scallop bacon
dimsum combination, grilled cod fish, grilled scallop bacon

The second dish was dimsum combination, with xiao long bao, fish ball, and siu mai. These measures up to some of the better dimsum dishes I tried.

Cod fish is one of my favorite seafood, and the execution from the chef in this grilled cod fish dish did not disappoint. The exterior lightly charred with a taste of honey, it was exquisite and delicious.

Grilled bacon scallop had it’s origin from pigs in blanket, with the scallops successfully elevate the status and sophistication of this otherwise simple dish. A couple grilled ginko nuts were served on the side to provide some balance.

grilled pork ribs
grilled pork ribs

The third grilled (and final) grilled dish was the grilled pork ribs. It was sweet, succulent, and would certainly please any pork loving diner. While the dishes might not look heavy, we were starting to get a little bit full by this dish.

asparagus, abalone fried rice
asparagus, abalone fried rice

A simple dish of asparagus with bonito flakes provides the comfort to your mom that something green is consumed, and the main dishes is capped off with abalone fried rice that’s served with a beautiful whole scallop in the middle. Of course, there was no way I was going to waste this, it was soft, succulent, and how abalone should taste like.

doubled boiled bird's nest, KY & Haze
doubled boiled bird’s nest, KY & Haze

The two desserts served together in this RM 1,200 CNY set menu (for 10 pax) were double boiled bird’s nest and crystal peanut dumpling. Dinner was well satisfying with very good food and excellent company, if I had to nitpick, the only criticism I can think of would be the lack of traditional soup in the CNY menu. Then again, you can always order that separately

Royal Flush promises a wide variety of other dishes – including geoduck, suckling pigs, yee sang, and more, many of these would be bold and modern interpretation of traditional dishes, while others, closer to the origin. If the quality is consistent to what we experienced over this review session, Royal Flush would be a force to reckon with in the higher end Chinese cuisine market.

map to Oasis, Ara Damansara

The Royal Flush
Central Piazza, Oasis Square Ara Damansara,
2, Jalan PJU 1A/7A, Petaling Jaya
GPS: 3.11352, 101.574612
Tel012-211 7810, 016-2912 737, 012-299- 7598