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Haruan fish (common snakehead) is often “prescribed” to those who are recovering from external wounds. Since Haze is recovering from her ankle fracture and subsequent surgery, her mom brought us a haruan fish and some herbs for the exact purpose.

We had initially been told to boil the fish with herbs (and maybe add some salt) and be done with, but that would be boring and not terribly palatable. I remember having a dish of awesome steamed haruan at Yap Yin at Seri Kembangan, so I thought perhaps we could prepare it in a similar way. This is my version of steamed haruan with chickene essence.

preparation - cleaning and cutting the haruan
preparation – cleaning and cutting the haruan


  • haruan fish (duh)
  • garlic and ginger
  • salt to taste
  • some chinese herbs (optional)
  • a bottle of chicken essence
  • parsley for garnishing

and a bottle of chicken essence for extra goodness
and a bottle of chicken essence for extra goodness


  • clean the fish throughly, haruan can be very slimy
  • slice the fish deeply as shown in the photo so that it is faster to cook and much easier to eat
  • cut ginger into strips and garlic in slices
  • rub some salt onto the fish
  • place everything on the plate and steam the fish together with a bottle of chicken essence (open it first or risk explosion, *gasp*)
  • steam in medium heat for about 15 minutes, then stop the fire and rest for 4-5 minutes
  • add garnish as you please, I find a little bit of parsley does the trick
  • pour the chicken essence on fish before serving

KY & Haze
Haze and KY enjoying yet another home cooked dinner

The result turns out to be quite lovely, the chicken essence does add quite a different dimension to the fish, providing a bit of savory taste to counter the fishiness of haruan. Try it.

Happy cooking!