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Imagine this scenario in the photo below.

We were at Khao Lak in Thailand, the evening before leaving for Liveaboard diving trip at the Similan Islands, and San San brought her laptop cos she had to work, so poor old Rich, her husband, had to chill with her at the resort’s cafe instead of roaming the town or chilling at the beach. All because that’s the only place with wifi access.

San San working on her laptop, while Rich was watching

Then look at another scenario.

This is now Haze, working at home on her computer with Cendawan the kitteh lurking on the shelve on top. Since she works mainly from home, internet connection is pretty important. Our land line sometimes does go a bit wonky, if she does not have a backup, usually a drive to somewhere with wifi is needed. The hassle!

Haze working at home office

Both this scenarios, and the third one involving someone who does not have a wireless internet plan (such as a traveler or a relatively low usage person who want to access the internet occasionally) can be solved with Instanet!

Instanet is the new prepaid broadband service that’s powered by Celcom, and of course, true to its name, you can get it fast, and more importantly, the pricing is very reasonable too!

celcom instanet prepaid pack

To start, get the Instanet prepaid pack at RM 12.50 with a SIM card (for smart phone, tablet, or even laptop with SIM slot) or RM 108 for a USB modem (for laptops & desktops). The prepaid packs already comes with RM 10 credit.

As I mentioned earlier, the rates are very reasonable too:

Celcom Instanet rates

If I am a traveler from another country coming to Malaysia, I’d kill for only RM 18 for a week’s internet access! The 1GB volume will be more than enough for email, facebook, twitter, and web browsing for sure.

Until July 15, the Instanet Monthly is having a promotion at only RM 30 per month too.

What’re you waiting for? Get your Instanet now at any Blue Cube outlets or Celcom Authorized Dealers nationwide, for more information do check out

Remember the last few posts about the signs? I found a few more while walking near Pavilion KL, this one’s on a lamp post right at the walk way on Jalan Pinang.

kolony sign near Pavilion KL

But the sign is secret no more, it represents a society that is growing in every hour, and by the time of this writing it stands at 1,369,988 people, this is the number of people in the KOLONY.

So what is this Kolony? And how do I get on?

Kolony, represented by ))K((, i s an SMS based social network that does not tie you down to the computer or discriminate between people who uses smart phone with data access and those with conventional phones.

Kolony web sign at

In fact, Kolony will work just as well on the 10 year old Nokia as it will on the last Sony Ericsson Arc, cos there is no data network needed. All you need is any phone with SMS capability and have a Xpax, U.O.X., S.O.X., or any Celcom line.

To get started, just send KOLONY <nickname> to 25333, and after that you can socialize on Kolony via several ways:

  • DING – Ding your buddies and leave them a message to cheer them up. Send KDING <fren’s nickname> <message> to 25333
  • BOMM – Have an update to share? BOMM it away to all your FRENs! Send KBOMM <message> to 25333
  • FREN – FREN for life? Make as many as you can in Kolony! Send KFREN <fren’s nickname> to 25333
  • POPP – Get to comment on what your buddies say! Send KPOPP <fren’s nickname> <comment> to 25333

For more cool activities on the Kolony, send KHELP to 25333 for a full list of keywords, you can also go on for references too.

old nokia vs sony ericsson arc

To go into Kolony, you will need KOINZ to perform the activities described above.

And to get KOINZ, all you need to do is by making calls on the new Xpax plans. Every single call earn you free koinz that you can use.

  • 1st – 5th calls make in a day = free 10 KOINZ per call
  • 6th and more call in a day = free 20 KOINZ per call
  • the free koinz will be awarded the next day
  • alternatively, you can purchase KOINZ at RM 0.30 for 10 koinz, RM 1.50 for 50 koinz, or RM 3 for 100 koinz

Xpax Promotion - Kolony

Above is the new Xpax plan that gives you awesome low rates as well as the free koinz mentioned above. Calls are now only 28 sen for 10 mins to Celcom network or 5 mins to other networks. SMS to Celcom network’s only 1 sen while 5 sen to others.

Have you join the over million strong Kolony yet?!

I still vividly remember 1st Jan 2000, I was with a few friends driving around Washington DC, just finished our late NYE dinner when the fireworks started. Worrying about the potential Y2K bug and how the whole IT infrastructure was going to go berserk (nothing happened huh?).

And here we are, in a little more than 2 weeks it’d be exactly 10 years later. How time flies.

KY & Haze in the magical train
KY & Haze in the Magical train, Hong Kong

A lot has happened in 10 years. I got back to Malaysia, went through 3 different jobs, visited a few new countries, bought a house, bought a car, picked up diving, started this blog, got to know many great friends, started and ended several relationships; within just this year I went to 6 dive trips, went to Hong Kong (blog posts coming soon), renovated (ok renovating) the house, and most importantly, got together with Haze and got engaged.

With the incoming new year, most of us will have new resolutions – get healthier, be more hardworking, get a promotion, buy a car, a house, etc. I’m usually not particularly big on resolutions, but hey, that’s just me.

If your resolutions for 2011 include upgrading the mobile phone, then there’s good news, read on: Read this

If you have been following this blog for a while you realise that I do follow the mobile phone technology quite closely. The proud owner of one of the best camera phone N82, and the first Symbian S60 touch screen phone, the 5800. (I do use both of them with separate phone lines)


However, ever since Mellissa started to use a Blackberry, I’ve been thinking of getting one for myself too. Blackberries are pretty unique and offer two biggest distinctions from other phones:

  • real push mail services – unlike most other “pull” services that drains the battery faster
  • blackberry messaging services – with blackberry services and unlimited data plan, you can message your friend essentially for free. It works somewhat like between SMS and Instant Messaging

There are only two service providers in this country currently offering Blackberry plans for general consumers and not only for business customers alone.

Of these two, Celcom seems to have the better deal out there. The package for Blackberry Storm are:

  • RM 1699 with Celcom Exec 50 – RM 148 monthly commitment
  • RM 1399 with Celcom Exec 250 – RM 250 monthly commitment

Both packages comes with unlimited internet and Blackberry email usage for a contract period of 12 months. More information here.

Telco M, on the other hand, has the same phone priced at RM 2199 with their Value 150 plan with a 24 months commitment. While they are some differences in call rates and minor details, it seems that in this case, Celcom is providing a better deal when you put two of them together.

About the phone:

As for the phone, well, Blackberry Storm is the first phone from the company that comes with a touch screen rather than a QWERTY keyboard. There is always a debate on whether the lack of physical keys is a good thing on mobile phones in general, and even more so with a messaging centric device like Blackberry. At the end of the day, it boils down to personal preference.

blackberry storm 9500

The reviews are somewhat mixed, my friend Terence who has been using the Storm for a while really loved it. I’ve played with it for a few minutes and found that the touch screen tactile  feedback is pretty different and needs a bit of getting used to. The display itself though, is gorgeous. 3.25″ with 360×480 pixel makes viewing webpages and email a breeze.

Comparing it to the iPhone (which is the most common comparison out there), the Blackberry does offer quite a few functionalities not found in the competitor. The messaging functions alone, with the two mentioned features above and full sms/mms functions, is clearly superior. The ability to carry and change battery too is always welcomed.

With the unlimited data plan (the only way to go with a device like this anyway), you can also use the phone as a tethered modem to a netbook or laptop like how I used to do with the Nokia. Very useful especially when streamyx isn’t the most reliable thing lately.

I’m seriously thinking of making the switch, what do you think?