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Selamat berpuasa to my Muslim friends!

In a short few weeks it will be Hari Raya, and many of us, Muslim or otherwise, will be taking the opportunity of the holidays to travel back home to visit our love ones. To ensure a good and safe journey home, it is imperative that we get our vehicles be in a fit condition.

safe balik kampung promotion

For that, Carama by Castrol has something on offer for everyone with their Safe Balik Kampung Promotion – for only RM 128.00, you get an oil change, filter, safety check, and brake inspection worth RM 200.00.

Carama by Castrol is the first online service for trusted car care in Malaysia. With a huge network of certified and listed car workshops (200+) in Klang Valley. This help removes the doubt of choosing the right workshop as the certified shops had to undergo a rigorous accreditation process that assure customers of quality of workmanship, skills, and equipment.

Carama workshop reviews

The Carama site also provides one of the most invaluable features we’ve been waiting for – workshop reviews from customers. In addition to the certification process, this really helps us to choose the workshop we can trust without having to resort to just asking around for recommendations.

search for workshop on Carama
search for workshop on Carama

Using the service of Carama is simple. First, head to, choose your car make from the drop down menu and search for the workshop by location. A listing of workshop matching the search criteria will appear, alongside a pretty handy map.

Clicking on the workshop of your choice will bring you to the page that shows a photo of the workshop and other important details such as opening hours, full address, phone number, and more.

booking a workshop on Carama
booking a workshop on Carama

Booking an appointment is as easy as filling up the form by keying in your vehicle’s information and choosing the timeslot convenient for you, and you’re done!

Bring the voucher to the workshop to get your car serviced, it’s that simple.

One of the service centres certified by Carama
One of the service centres certified by Carama

The best thing about the service is that in addition to oil change and filter change, there’s also a complimentary 15-point Safety and Health inspection for your vehicle that includes the following:

  • Top up Battery Water
  • Top up Radiator Water
  • Top up Brake Fluid
  • Top up Power Steering Fluid
  • Top up Windscreen Washer Tank
  • Check & Clean Air Filter
  • Check Spark Plugs
  • Check Windscreen Wiper
  • Check Drive Belts
  • Check Cooling Hoses and Connections
  • Check And Adjust Tyres Pressure
  • Check Headlamp, Tail Light, Brakes and Signal Lights Conditions
  • Check Radiator Leakage
  • Check Tyres Condition
  • Check Battery Terminal and Cable

In total, the packge is worth RM 200.00

Castrol engine oil is used
Castrol engine oil is used

Since my car is currently at the paint shop, a friend of mine gave Carama a try and reported very positive experience (not unlike the old Castrol Auto Serivce I tried in 2011).

The workshop has a air conditioned waiting room with free drinking water and a TV for you to chill while the car is being serviced. The mechanic was very professional and took good care of the car while servicing it. It was overall a very fast and simple process that took less than an hour to complete.

So for this Balik Kampung season, head to Carama by Castrol and get your vehicle ready for the long ride home! Remember to use the RAYA128 code.

It is often said that death and taxes are the two things you can never avoid, but for those of us who drives, you can throw in oil change as the third certainty in life.

Oil change can sometimes be such a drag, you usually have to make an appointment or get to your mechanic on working day, arrange for transportation to go back home or back to office while leaving the car there for a few hours to get it done. Then there’s also the big mystery on what sort of oil that goes into your car.

the Castrol Auto Service Locator
the Castrol Auto Service Locator

So when it was time for my 20 year midnight blue baby to get her service done, I went onto Castrol’s website and utilized their nifty little Castrol Auto Service (CAS) Locator.

It was a Sunday, I needed to find a place that are open for business, can get things done properly, and not too far from home. A few minutes later, I found a CAS at Taman Paramount – TG Car Auto Service, located less than 5 minutes from where I stay. Perfect.

Castrol Auto Service Centre
Castrol Auto Service at Taman Paramount

The one thing about workshops & car service centers that tells you about their work quality is the cleanliness of the place. I always believe that mechanics who don’t even bother cleaning their own shop most likely won’t care about your car better than do to their own workplace.

If this was the only measuring stick, this CAS at Taman Paramount already scores a passing grade. The place is spotless and well equipped.

For a service center, the trust factor is very important, and CAS was definitely up to task, read on.

Castrol Edge Synthetic 5-40W
there’s an airconditioned waiting room too

I told the mechanic to give the car service with  new Castrol EDGE with Titanium Fluid Strength Technology fully synthetic 5-40W engine oil. If you love your car, you would want something like this, the benefits include:

  • maximizes short and long term engine performance
  • sustains maximum performance for longer, even when under pressure
  • improves engine efficiency, independently qualified
  • delivers unsurpassed protection across a variety of driving conditions & temperatures
  • reduce engine deposits to help maximize engine response

Shortly after that, the car was driven onto the platform and jacked up. The old oil is drained into a container for recycle (a good thing). The mechanic then changed the oil filter, and poured the Castrol into the car.

For those who aren’t into chatting up with mechanics, there is a fully air conditioned waiting room complete with water cooler and TV at the service center.

After the oil change, the mechanic did a check up for the car and showed me a couple areas of concern (a leaky front shocks, rear wheel bearings that’s a bit loose, a swell up oil pipe) that I should get looked at next time. After all, the car is 2 decades old, I guess it’s up for a bit of maintenance too.

Very good service, I was quite impressed, and will certainly bring the car back there again. If you want a place you can trust to service your car, look no further.

an Ipad 2 to be won every week

From September 15 till November 15, 2011 when you make an oil change using either of the following product:

  • Castrol EDGE 5W40, EDGE Sport 0W40 & EDGE Sport 10W60 (4L)
  • Castrol EDGE 5W40, EDGE 0W40 & EDGE 10W60 (4L)
  • Castrol Magnatec 10W-40 (4L)
You are eligible to participate in the Castrol Auto Service, Service & Win contest to win an Apple iPad 2. There’s an iPad 2 to be won every week!

I want my Ipad 2, wish me luck!
I want my Ipad 2, wish me luck!

After the service, you’ll get a scratch card like on the photo above. Scratched to get the code and then text “CAS ICNUMBER CODE” to 39993, answer a question via SMS again, and if you get it right, you stand a chance to win, it’s that simple.

I did mine, so wish me luck! 😀

Other than the Castrol Auto Service, Service & Win, there’s also the Experience the Strongest contest that you should check out. The ultimate prize for this contest is a trip to EUFA Euro 2012! Now that’s something to look forward to.

For more information, head to and their corporate site at