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A couple days ago I went on a cashless shopping spree during lunch time at around KLCC, here’s what I did and how I did it.

lunch at Ozeki Tokyo Cuisine

To start off, it was lunch time, so I went to one of my favorite Japanese restaurants with great lunch sets – Ozeki Tokyo Cuisine at Menara TA. For the special set, you get to choose two main ingredients from the list of eight. My set of sashimi (five types) and unagi comes with Japanese rice, salad, tofu, miso soup, a small appetizer, and fruits. With tax, it came to RM 40.60.

That was the first swipe.

Hello Panda at Isetan KLCC

After lunch I went to Isetan KLCC looking to get something as office snacks.

Well, there are many fans of Hello Kitty, but obviously these people has never heard of Hello Panda, for not only these are cute, they are ultra delicious as well. RM 15.50 per tin, I bought two, so that came to RM 30.50

This was the second swipe.

streaky bacon at Isetan Food market

Walking around Isetan Food Market section, I chanced upon the non-halal session and decided that I should stock up some bacon for emergency breakfast options. A pack of 500 gram smoked streaky bacon goes for RM 33.90. Perfect.

Here went the third swipe.

the kitties love Royale fancy feast wet food

The kittens at home loves wet food, so before walking back to office, I stopped by Cold Storage KLCC to grab a few cans of Purina Royale Fancy Feast wet food for them. It was RM 4.29 per can, seven cans equals to RM 30.05

Fourth swipe of the day, still haven’t used any cash.

I reloaded RM 30 cash to my starbucks card

Just before heading back to office, I decided that there should be something to go with those Hello Panda cookies, so I reloaded RM 30 to my Starbucks card and grabbed a medium sized iced latte for good measure.

Fifth and final swipe for this very short shopping spree, all done within an hour and will satisfy not only human but cat stomachs as well!

me and my RHB Debit Cash Connect MasterCard

If you have noticed, I carefully made sure that each spending was over RM 30, and there’s a very good reason for that.

My RHB Debit Cash-Connect MasterCard is running a contest with pretty awesome prizes waiting to be won. Card members only need to swipe RM 30 or above with a single receipt to be entitled an entry. The prizes up for grabs are:

  • 1x Nissan Almera 1.5 E(A)
  • 1x Honda CBR250R Mugen
  • 3x iPhone 5 (16GB)
  • 5x Mini iPads (16GB)

So now I have five entries to this contest, hope lady luck is on my side! Oh, by the way, there’s the 0.5% unlimited cash back with the card too. Sweet.