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While having an extended talk crap session after dinner on a Saturday night, Tim asked:
“Eh who wants to go to bak kut teh tomorrow? This place serves the best fu chuk ever! We go there early, lets meet at 8:45am!”

WWQ, Kim, Rachel and I signed up immediately despite the fact that it was already past midnight when the idea was brought up. Personally I’ve always been pretty impartial with fu chuk (fried bean curd sheet), but I’ll try anything that’s claimed to be good.

Subang Bak Kut Teh with Fu Chuk
looks like the aunty knows Tim!

Since it’s a pretty well hidden place, we decided to go there in a single car. Kim didn’t turn up as she decided to let insomnia took over the previous night and was unable to operate even at her own level, so it was four of us. The place is actually a sort of wooden shack opposite ESSO petrol station by Jalan Sg. Buloh along the Guthrie Corridor. Coming from Shah Alam you’ll have to be careful not to end up on the highway but to take the ramp to Jalan Sg. Buloh instead.

Subang Bak Kut Teh with Fu Chuk
the fu chuk deserves an entire clay pot by itself

We ordered a 3-person portion of bak kut teh and an clay pot of fu chuk. Despite being sleepy, Tim’s excitement was very visible while waiting for the fu chuk. I didn’t think he care much about anything else, he was a man with a mission.

The two clay pots didn’t take long to arrive. The bak kut teh meat and soup was as good as any other, tender well cooked meat with teow chew style bak kut teh soup that is a little less stronger tasting than the Klang version. It was actually pretty good.

Subang Bak Kut Teh with Fu Chuk
KY, Rachel, Tim, Wong Wen Qi

True to Tim’s claim, the true fu chuk was really really good. Slightly crunchy with just the right texture, the taste was very good especially with the soup. I never had so much fu chuk in one serving, it actually reminds me of the high grade bean curd skin I had in Japan.

Subang Bak Kut Teh with Fu Chuk
Subang Teow Chew Bak Kut Teh is just opposite Esso station (wrong logo, i know i know)

The meal, with steamed rice for four and a pot of tea costs us RM 37. Very good deal don’t you think? I know I’m going to head there again pretty soon. Open from 7am to 2:30pm daily, closes on Mondays.

update september 2009:
New Address:
No.45, Jalan Alfa of U6/F,
Subang Permai
40150 Shah Alam

Old Address:
Lot 653 & 655
Jalan Subang
Bukit Cherakah Subang
Shah Alam

GPS: 3.13187, 101.52596
Tel: 019-261 5303

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