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After elevating the garden, we add another layer of brick to the top of the pond wall. The bricks are layed about 3 inches offset from the inner part of the wall. Mortar is then plaster on covering the bricks to create a round it up. This creates a nice roundish top with an illusion that the wall is thicker than it actual.

An overflow pipe is installed at the deep end too. A 2″ diameter pvc pipe with an L joint is used. This serves to channel the extra water from rainfall straight to the drain.

Horng did the first 30% while I finished the rest in another day. Took us 2 sessions. Galvin helped out in mixing the mortar. Thanks dude!

cement work on the koi pond
Horng did the first part

cement work on the koi pond
I continued the work

straining the sand
Galvin mixing the mortar, but first we had to filter the sand to remove pebbles and cat poo

koi pond overflow pipe
Overflow pipe is installed

completed cement work on koi pond
Job well done!

Next Up – Fixing the Drainage System and Water Meter

After plastering the wall, we elevate the garden by laying red bricks seperating the garden and the drive way. This has two advantages, elvation of the garden to deepen the pond by an extra 6 inches, and also saves us the hassle of removing all the earth dug up to make the pond. Even then, we had removed about 15 wheelbarrow of red earth.

I had to use an aquarium tube filled with water to mark the difference in the elevation from the gate to the front of the house to ensure the side wall is not slanted. The difference is about 5 inches in height, hence 2layers of bricks by the front of the wall is used, while 3 layers near the gate.

This took us two days, originally only a layer of bricks were to be layed, but we eventually decided to top it up with another.

Look at Galvin’s blog for his version of my pond, supped up and modified!

brick work to elevate the garden

Mixing the mortar a bit

brick work to elevate the garden

Laying the 2nd layer of brick at the front of the house

brick work to elevate the garden

Cutting red bricks proved to be a pretty tough job

brick work to elevate the garden

Done! You can see 2 layers of bricks from the left, to 3 layers to the right side.

Next Up – Rounding the top of the pond

Now that the brick wall is up, it’s time to plaster it with a thin layer of cement. 1 part cement 3 part sand. This step is a little more delicate, my pal horng did most of the plastering after I did the initial 20%. In the mean time, I was building up the red-brick wall to elevate the garden. That’ll be on another post

This process took us about 3 days

plastering wall for koi pond

My friendly housemate and buddy for more than 20 years, horng salutes you

koi pond wall plaster

noob jack

Jack was helping to shuffle the mortar too. Sex him up please, gals.

koi pond wall plaster

True to the JKR (Jangan Kerja Rajin) spirit, 2 of us were holding the torch light while horng works

rounding slope at the bottom for koi pond

Slope at the bottom of the wall to have a smooth connection to the concrete floor.

Next Up – Garden Elevation

Now that the foundation is done, the next step is to build up the wall for the pond. We use bricks and mortar for this purpose. 1 part cement with 3 parts sand. Wire mesh to be layed in between the bricks for every 3 layers too, to strengthen the wall.

The process took about 3 days

constructing the brick wall for koi pond wall
I started out at the deepest end, the corners are particulary tough

constructing the brick wall for koi pond wall

constructing the brick wall for koi pond wall
Working the way up..

constructing the brick wall for koi pond wall
The lines are for leveling purposes

constructing the brick wall for koi pond wall
You can see the lines more clearly here

constructing the brick wall for koi pond wall

All nice and leveled up, the hole at the far end is left for the overflow pipe

Next up – Plastering the wall

After 5 futile day waiting for the pre-mixed concrete that never came. A decision was made, we were going to do it ourself, mixing it old school, hardcore style. 1 part cement, 2 part sand, and 4 parts gravel.

My cousin who is in the construction business brought us to the building material store to get the supplies, and lend some free professional consultations too.

I bought: 1 fork-lift scoop of gravel, 2 scoops of sand, 2 sheets of BRC, 8 packs of cement, 450 cement-bricks, 150 red-bricks, 3 packs of water-proofing agent, 2 rows of brick wire mesh.

Total cost: RM 680+

koi pond building material
Building material delivered, looking like a construction yard now.

cousin in construction industry
Cousin giving a few words of advice

BRC to strengthen the foundation
BRC is laid for a strong foundation

BRC on koi pond foundation
BRC had to be raised a couple inches high (using bricks) so that it’ll be in the middle layer of the concrete

mixing the concrete for koi pond foundation
Mixing the concrete, Big David helped, and so did Chan

mixing concrete for koi pond foundation
David gotten a bit tired..

kerol fooling around
Sotong was just fooling around, as usual

leveling the koi pond concrete foundation
While they mix, I level the concrete foundation at approximately 5 inches thick

concrete foundation for koi pond - done
And it was done!

Next up – Brick wall