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That’s right ladies and gentlemen, they serve nasi briyani at Yangon, Myanmar. With a little ASEAN geographical knowledge you’d know that it is just natural. Myanmar borders with India and Bangladesh to it’s west.

Nasi Briyani in Yangon, Myanmar
It actually tastes alot better than it looks

This particular nasi briyani place (they spell it nasi biryani) is located down the next turning from Traders hotel in Yangon. While there are quite a few nasi briyani restaurants there, you can’t miss the place, it is always the one with the most customers.

The rice is served with a single piece of 1/4 chicken. Since this is Myanmar, a highly unindustrilized country, we get real tender kampung type of chicken. It was awesome. A small bowl of soup and some fresh lettuce accompanied the meal. We ordered some extra gravy too. Except for the soup tasting a little too salty, the meal was very good. Easily better than most all of the nasi briyani served by mamaks here in Malaysia.

Drinks is a little bit tricky, the drinking water came in a bottle that looks like those we use for car battery, so that was a bit odd, to the tune that my friend brought two bottles back to Malaysia. The local Star “coke” was pretty bad, do not feel too compell to try it.