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Little did I expect that after having my cherry popped on the appearance on Bernama radio, I was invited to be one of the guests at NTV 7’s Breakfast Show earlier this month.

The video is available at [direct link to the episod 135], we appear starting at about 19th minute.

at the set of NTV 7's breakfast show with hosts Naz and Satira Diana
at the set of NTV 7’s breakfast show with hosts Naz and Satira Diana

There were four of us in this session that lasted not more than 15 minutes. I was joined with boo from masak-masak, Pamela from MalaysianFoodie, and Ivy from FOOD. Our hosts were Naz and Satira Diana.

Interestingly, Naz was the emcee of my company’s annual dinner a year ago. I wish I remembered during the interview.

here's silly me on NTV 7's Breakfast Show
Ivy was talking about something important while I tried to look awake

We arrived at NTV’s Shah Alam studio pretty early in the morning and had 45 minutes or so to kill before our segment was due, 5 minute of those time was spent putting on foundation and microphone. Naz too came and gave us some tips on what to be expected as everything was recorded and aired live, very friendly chap.

yep, they put on a bit of make up for me. =/
yep, they put on a bit of make up for me. =/

On the show we talked about food blogging in Malaysia, a bit about our blogs, and other stuff about food. Take a look at the video on tonton if you’re interested, registration is required but it’s free though.

The only downside is that they don’t serve breakfast at the show tho.. hee-hee.

Thank you Shikin for the invitation, and the two photos above were from Vincent Chong.