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Last weekend we met up with Haze’s relative who promised to take us to this place that serves “tilapia better than Lan Jie’s” at Seredah, and truth be told, we actually got more than what we bargained for, making the long drive definitely worth while.

Our destination was Restoran Yew Li, about 1 km north of the Serendah Police Station, not terribly difficult to locate.

Restoran Yew Li at Serendah
Restoran Yew Li at Serendah

The unassuming restaurant is located at an old shop lot and furnished with standard plastic table and chairs. Operating from brunch to about 5-6 pm, there’s usually quite a healthy crowd especially on weekends. Reservation is probably a good idea if you have a larger group.

steamed tilapia with plenty of garlic
steamed tilapia with plenty of garlic

There are two dishes we’re here for, but first, the steamed tilapia (RM 36 for the one we ordered).

The tilapia we got was huge, and skillfully steamed to perfection with a tonne of garlic on top and generous amount of cooking wine in the soup base, which compliments the fish surprisingly well. This was somehow better than using high grade soya sauce in steaming, I think I will try this at home one of these days. We definitely enjoyed this dish, a lot.

huge river prawn, this will cost you
huge river prawn, this will cost you

What most people come for here though, is their giant river prawn. (RM 50+ each)

And when I say big, they are HUGE. It is almost unrealistic to have one prawn per person, and they are also certainly much bigger than the ones we usually had at Pan Heong batu caves. The usual way to cook this here is with dark soya sauce, which really adds to the sweetness of the prawn really well. They are certainly pricey, but sucking the juices oozing out from the prawn heads will certainly help appreciate how awesome they are.

some greens and some pork to complete the meal
some greens and some pork to complete the meal

Additionally, we also had a claypot pork with salted fish and kangkung belacan. These dishes did not disappoint either and were delicious in their own rights, even though they aren’t as “special” as the two above.

Yew Li restaurant is definitely worthy of a visit, and I wished that they open for dinner.

map to Yew Li Serendah

Restoran Yew Li
19, Jalan Cempaka 1,
Taman Cempaka, 48200 Serendah,
Selangor, Malaysia
GPS3.371501, 101.612708
Tel: 03-6081 3226
Hours: lunch till 5-6 pm