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I’m sure most of us have friends whom we never had the chance to meet up and share a cup of coffee over the friendly mamak stalls despite knowing each other for years.

becki, myself, and danny

A little while ago I had the chance to finally meet Becki, a gal from Sydney that I got to know through IRC (yes, it still exist!) since way back, a time when the World Trade Center were still standing, computers weren’t infected by adware, and the term ‘blog’ wasn’t invented yet.

It was unfortunate that I had to go to Vietnam the very next day after Becki and Danny arrived. I apologize for not being a host for their entire length of stay in KL.

was nice meeting you guys!

In the short few hours I got to play host to Becki and the boyfriend Danny, we went to Petaling Street and had some chicken jerky, Hong Kee clay pot chicken rice for dinner, walked the perpetual pasar malam of Petaling Street, and had a drink at Traders Hotel poolside bar (very nice hangout place). We also managed to sneaked in a Ramli burger for the couple right after dinner. Something that was very well received.

If you’re reading this, it was nice meeting you after so long. I hope I was a half decent host, and spend me nice dinners when I go to Sydney ok?