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First and foremost, if you haven’t yet vote for the Baskin Robbins Flavor Election, the time to do so is now! Head to and cast your ballot.

While you’re there, allow me to convince you that voting for the flavor I represent would be the choice that benefits everyone – 31% off Waffle Berry Sundaes EVERY WEEKDAY FROM 10am to 3pm for the year 2013. Do that, and everyone would save some moolah and be berry happy!

Keep reading and I’ll let you know how you can get a free Baskin Robbins ice cream too!

here's me with my poster - free ice cream guys!
here’s me with my poster – free ice cream guys!

Some of you who followed me on twitter or my facebook page might have seen the poster above. I printed it out to rally for some votes at Midvalley’s Baskin Robbins outlet last Saturday and it was a blast!

I set up shop at the Baskin Robbins outlet at Midvalley
I set up shop at the Baskin Robbins outlet at Midvalley, with my old trusted netbook

Together with the super helpful June, we set up a station at the outlet with my trusted netbook (the outlet has wifi by the way) and went straight to work.

We took turns in walking about and telling people what we’re doing, and for a vote at (using facebook account), the participant gets a free scoop of Baskin Robbins ice cream. I was feeling a bit like Datuk Lee Chong Wei, it was great!

and pretty soon we have a line of people waiting to vote
and pretty soon we have a line of people waiting to vote, June was helping me

One thing is for sure, people from all walks of live do love their Baskin Robbins. There were your average housewives with babies, college students, young adults, dating couples and more. June and I roped them in and “convinced” them to vote for Very Berry Strawberry.

snap snap, a few photos taken with participants
snap snap, a few photos taken with participants

And since some of you might have missed out getting those free ice cream on Saturday, I’m also taking this opportunity to give away more Baskin Robbins ice cream right here!

Follow these instructions and the first 30 people to complete these instruction gets a FREE pint of Baskin Robbins ice cream:

  • go to and vote for Very Berry Strawberry
  • take a screenshot of the vote and post it on your facebook account
  • go to my facebook page at and post a link to the screenshot you took
  • first 30 to do this gets a voucher for a free pint of Baskin Robbins ice cream
Below is a sample screen shot screenshot, make sure your facebook login name is visible on the top right.

screenshot of
screenshot must have login name visible

It’s simple isn’t it? Don’t miss this chance for some sweet rewards!

By the way, there’s also 3 opinion polls run by Baskin Robbins that I would like you to take one minute to give your feedback. Click on the link below and help answer them ya, your contribution will help shape what’s next

What if I show you there’s a way to lower your ice cream budget by a whopping 31%?

Imagine for a moment the leftover money that you could make use with the huge saving! There are a gazillion things you could do with it, you could buy an extra pair of socks, or perhaps even help reduce the deficit.

The above chart gives you a good visual representation of how much money you could save with 31% off ice cream budget.

  • Purple = normal price
  • Orange = if my campaign for election is successful

Alright, here’s another visual representation of the gravity of this campaign.

  • Yellow = normal days you could get 31% off ice cream.
  • Red = Everyday 31% off if this campaign is successful

OK here’s the deal, I’m representing Very Berry Strawberry in Baskin Robbins Flavor Election that is running from 17th Oct to 23rd Nov 2012.

My campaign promise is that if we win, you get 31% off Waffle Berry Sundaes EVERY WEEKDAY FROM 10am to 3pm for the year 2013, how awesome is that?

This promise will be available in store at Baskin Robbins from 17th Oct to 23rd Nov 2012, I urge you to give it a try for the taste of what’s possible. If we win, Very Berry Strawberry will be the focus of the victory party on 23rd Nov at Publika. Lets make it happen!

Do download the campaign support kit from and VOTE NOW!

Now a little bit of history on Very Berry Strawberry, shall we?

As the name suggests, Very Berry Strawberry is a super delicious strawberry ice cream loaded with chunks of real strawberries. It was originally introduced in 1945 as strawberry flavor, then improved to the modern day Very Berry Strawberry in 1984 with strawberry puree and chunks of strawberry in it, setting it apart from the other mere ordinary strawberry ice cream.

Just look at it, how could anyone resist having this uber delicious Waffle Berry Sundaes on 31% off for the whole year?

Imagine those freshly baked waffle with fresh banana pieces, 2 generous scoops of ice cream, strawberry toppings with chunks of real strawberries and everything topped with whipped cream and cherry, 31% off!

Remember to vote, indulgence is not a sin! We wanna have the deal every day, and this is what we want! The more the berrier 😀

So vote for me and together we’ll have the best deal ever for 2013, now that’s something to look forward to isn’t it?

P/S: follow this blog on facebook and twitter as I’ll let you know when you can get a free Very Berry Strawberry from me at a Baskin Robbins outlet, and remember to vote vote vote!