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A couple of weeks ago a couple friends and I were in Mid Valley Gardens looking for a quick dinner. We stopped by Canton-i, Sushi Zanmai, and Fong Lye Taiwanese restaurant, they were all absolutely full inside, and with people waiting outside as well.

Time was of essence, so we stepped into this GoGung Korean Restaurant at third floor.

Gogung Korean Restaurant
GoGung Korean Restaurant

Normally I love to have my grilled meat at Korean places, but since time is of the essence (Mell was waiting and it was the day before she’s was to fly off to Melbourne), we decided to forgo that luxury and go for something faster.

Unlike most other places, they serve no dinner sets, we ordered two Kimchi Jigge (kimchi soup) and a Kimchi Bo Kum Bab (kimchi fried rice) for RM 25 each, and 3 hot green tea. The food didn’t take too long to arrive, and to be frank, they taste ok. Not great, but not particularly bad either.

After hastily finished off our food, we asked for the bill. It came to RM 108.90. It kinda got me curious, I thought RM 75 plus whatever taxes and maybe a minimal amount for the tea bagged green tea we ordered shouldn’t amount to more than RM 100.

Gogung Korean Restaurant
3 green tea for RM 24, what do you think?

Then, on closer inspection, I saw what they charged us for the drinks. RM 8 per tea bag of green tea (well you do get unlimited hot water refill!). Frankly speaking I find that very excessive for something most Japanese and some Korean restaurants serve for free.

I will never go back to this GoGung Korean restaurant again. If you plan to head there, I suggest you might want to check if plain water is free.

P/S: I’ve been questioned on why almost all food places written on this blog are good, the reason is that for those I usually don’t write about food I deem not worthy of recommendation (even if it was an invited review). But here is one of the few bad reviews, cheers! 😀

Most of you who come to this blog expect to see recommendations of good (or at least interesting) food. However, I’ll have to disappoint you today with my second post on where not to go for lunch. Some of you might remember my rant on Kim Gary, but the experience I had yesterday at Delifrance KLCC is arguably worse.

Delifrance at KLCC, bad food bad service
Hello, I don’t want my chicken medium rare

So myself and a few colleagues decided to have lunch at Delifrance after a few other suggestions were rejected. It is a decent place for a cup of coffee and some light snacks, I suppose, but the tables were a bit smallish for lunch. I ordered the set lunch for the day (RM 16.90++), a chicken dish that comes with soup/salad, and a miniature glass of soft drink.

Delifrance at KLCC, bad food bad service
first rejection

Well, we had actually ordered 4 set lunches, but somehow only 3 came as the waitress inevitably missed out one of my colleagues. The poor lady had to wait for another 5-10 minutes for her food to arrive after everyone else’s. Bad service

After a pretty long wait during the busy lunch hours, my food finally came. A colleague of mine started to complain that the sides looked nothing like the photos on their menu. Instead of broccoli and mashed potato, we were given salad and wedges. The annoying thing is that I just had salad as my appetizer, and it is the same thing again. Bad combination

I cut through my piece of chicken, it was pink, with traces of blood. I had actually put the chicken in my mouth before looking at it, it was cold inside. Like just came out of the fridge cold. Bad food.

I called for the waitress and told her about it. Without a word of apology, she took the dish back to the kitchen. Bad service

A very long 10 minutes later, the waitress returned the same dish to me. It looked like they have reheated the chicken. I give it a try without much complain, lo and behold, the same bloody chicken is still half cooked (pun intended). Horrible food. I called for the waitress and explained it to her that she should just take it back and crossed it out of the bill, she just asked if I want them to replace it with something else (she should have done so in the first trial). When I said no, she just said ok, not a single word of apology. Horrible service

Delifrance at KLCC, bad food bad service
after they “fixed” it, I got this

The Malaysian service mentality is some what of a joke. My colleagues were nice enough to still pay the 10% service charge, I probably wouldn’t. That would be the last time I go there.

For some reasons (don’t ask) I found myself at Kim Gary in Sunway Pyramid for dinner just the other weekend. Not knowing what to order as I have yet to find something that is actually any good from the restaurant, I turned around and look at the nice big poster promoting their new Stoned Grilled Unagi Rice and promptly asked for that instead.

Bad Kim Gary Stoned Grilled Unagi Rice
I couldn’t finish this crap

I thought since I love unagi, I couldn’t go wrong with the decision. *beep* – wrong.

When I first saw the dish, it was the size of the unagi that caught my eyes, or shall I say, almost escaped my eyes. The big poster (top right) showed a nice chunk of eel filet, but in reality it was only half of that, equivalent to about 1.5 sushi. I was going to make a complaint, then I noticed that the picture (smaller of course) of the same dish in the menu actually spotted the tiny portion of Unagi. Borderline false advertising, but they cover their asses well.

The presentation for the food was actually not half bad sans the tiny unagi. However, the dish came with the unagi sauce instead of soya sauce, and there was no wasabi either. I began to wonder why they called it “Japanese style”. A bite later, all hope was lost, as they never bothered to use proper Japanese rice.

Worse still, it was actually Stoned Grilled Rice with Unagi instead of Stoned Grilled Unagi Rice. The bottom part of the rice was all burnt, I had no idea why they made the rice bowl that hot.

When the waiter came and clear the table, he didn’t ask why I had no finish the food. I took the initiative of telling him how bad the rice were, and all he answered “you have to stir the rice at the beginning“. And I thought it was a bad habit stirring your dish like a washing machine before eating.

By the way, if you need some ketchup, Kim Gary served them in packets so you can have the feeling that you are eating take-out orders from McDonald’s, how nice. -.-”

I am not likely to ever go there again.

p/s: I realise some of you come to this blog to look for recommendation of good food, hence I apologize for having to make a post of a bad dining experience. I’ll keep this to a minimum.