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Astro On The Go Live Explorer event at Sunway Pyramid happened on the 18th May, 2013, myself and a few other bloggers had the privilege to be there and be part of the event coverage team to witness the participation of more than twenty pairs of contestants in this elaborate tele-match like competition.

Astro On The Go Explorer Live Explorer at Sunway Pyramid
Astro On The Go Explorer Live Explorer at Sunway Pyramid

Participants gathered at Sunway Pyramid starting just before 10 am, they were then paired in groups of two and were geared with Astro On The Go brochure, iPad, and mobile 4G wifi dongle, tools they will need to complete their adventure of the day as explorers in Pyramid.

contestants figuring out what they have to accomplish at this station
contestants figuring out what they have to accomplish at this station

Each team has a pilot and co-pilot, the aim was to figure out the clues and then find the booth/station in which the team had to answer questions and/or perform certain tasks.

There were 10 stations in total, scattered at different places in Sunway Pyramid. Do remember that Sunway Pyramid is the 9th largest mall in the world with over 4 million square foot, so it is quite challenging.

juggling the ball isn't exactly a very simple task
juggling the ball isn’t exactly a very simple task

The ten stations represent some of the channels on Astro On The Go, for example – Sports, Maharaja Lawak, Geng Bas Sekolah, Hanna Montana, Korean Series and so forth.

I went to the Sports booth located outside the ADIDAS store to check out what was happening.

At this booth, the participants basically had to juggle the ball at least 3 times, answer a question regarding the sports channel available on Astro On The Go, then snapped a photo and upload it on twitter/facebook. Some groups really struggled quite a bit on the juggling part, but everyone eventually got it right and no display window was broken.

it's a carnival like atmosphere at Sunway Pyramid with Astro On The Go
it’s a carnival like atmosphere at Sunway Pyramid with Astro On The Go

Pearl Harbour, love and hate, Empress in the palace
Pearl Harbour, Love and Hate, Empress in the Palace

Oh My English! is everyone's favorites
Oh My English! is everyone’s favorites

Lunch was served after every team had completed their tasks, and a long line up of performances followed on the main stage to treat guests and participants. The cast of Oh My English! was there, and there were Aaron Aziz, Johan Raja Lawak, Ajak Raja Lawak, Ila Damia, and more too.

There were also sketches including Pearl Habour, Love and Hate, and Empress in the Palace. The crowd was thoroughly entertained.

the winners walked away with Nexes 7, iPad Mini, and Galaxy S4
the winners walked away with Nexes 7, iPad Mini, and Galaxy S4

Then of course, there’s the announcement of winners.

Grand Prize  went to Blablablabber & Leonhart90 who won a pair of Galaxy S4. 1st Runner Up were Pena Berkala & By Rawlins and they walked away with a couple iPad Mini. 2nd Runner Up, Mahamahu & Miracikcit, won Nexus 7 for each of them. The bonus prize for top-tweeting team were Eyriqazz & oh-alicewonderland, who walked away with RM 500 cash.

The winners also had a RM 800 cash bonus if they are Astro-On-The-Go subscribers.

Overall it was a very well received event and one that certainly many enjoyed and entertained. Lets have more!

For more information, please visit

Lara Croft, Indiana Jones, or even Columbus and Cheng Ho, these are the names that we associate with as some of the greatest explorers in fiction, games, and in history. Do you think you have what it takes to be just.. slightly similar to these names?

Well, this is your chance to star in the biggest “quest” you’ve had, codenamed “Explorer-On-The-Go” contest by Astro is perhaps your ticket to fame. (and prizes!)

Astro On The Go

OK so lets talk about the prizes first:

  • Grand Prize – 2 x Samsung Galaxy S4 + (Bonus: RM800 cash each IF you are an *Astro-On-The-Go subscriber)
  • 1st Runner Up – 2 x Apple iPad Mini + (Bonus: RM800 cash each IF you are an *Astro-On-The-Go subscriber)
  • 2nd Runner Up – 2 x Nexus 7 + (Bonus: RM800 cash each IF you are an *Astro-On-The-Go subscriber)
  • Bonus prize for top-tweeting team – RM500 cash + (another RM800 cash if you are an *Astro-On-The-Go subscriber)
  • Bonus Lucky Draw (for ALL Astro-On-The-Go subscribers ONLY) – 1 x Apple iPad Mini

I think I can very well use these gadgets and prize money, as any adventurers would.

KY Astro On The Go contest

To enter the contest, write a blog post titled “I Am The Unstoppable Explorer”, more information at for exactly what you need to do. It’s pretty simple actually!

My entry would look like this – “I’m an unstoppable explorer on land and water: mountain biking trails, city scape, and even underwater explorations. The cool thing with Astro On-The-Go is that I can still catch those Live football matches wherever I find myself at. Never miss a moment, no compromise!”

Taking a photo like I did above is a bonus point 😀

Check out too.

If you went to lately you’d have noticed something different.

The top banner right under the navigation bar is now scroll-able to the right, and give it a try, scroll it right and keep going on, and on, and on, and on….

Astro longest banner
this image is 600 pixels, the whole banner is 61,500 pixels long

It is in fact, the currently the World’s Longest Online Banner record holder, and this is made possible in conjunction with Astro On-The-Go’s “Where do YOU want Astro On-The-Go contest” that encourages users to submit a photo of them in the most creative locations enjoying Astro On-The-Go.

The contest ran from July to August and I wrote about it in this previous entry, very cool to finally see the end product of it. The banner actually tripled the previous record set by BMW.

screen shot from the AOTG Human-iPad video
screen shot from the AOTG Human-iPad video

And remember the Astro On-The-Go Human-iPad showcase that we got to sample in that same pool party a few months ago? Astro put on this compilation of the videos captured while the campaign was showcased at various popular locations in Klang Valley.

The video has achieved more than 260,000 views in a month. Check out the video here.

Did you know that this is in fact Asia’s first ever Human-iPad theatre, I just think the effect is really cool.

AOTG devices

For those of you who hasn’t checked out Astro On-The-Go yet, it is now available in more devices. You can watch some of your favorite shows, including Hollywood blockbusters – The Avengers, Cabin in the woods, The Proposal, and local favourites – Ombak Rindu, Adam dan Hawa..etc. and even Korean dramas.

Astro On-The-Go is available on

  • Computer via web
  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • selected Samsung devices
My friend Kerol uses it to catch her MU games on her Galaxy Note on a regular basis. Go to  and try it yourself.

AOTG contest winners

And by the way, I wanna congratulate the winners – Soo Siew Kuan, Ahmad Faizal bin Hashim, Tan Siang Leng, Ng Pui Hai, Fariza Ilyani binti Mustaffa, and Khairul Faizal bin Jamaludalin. They walked away with iPads & Astro On-The-Go merchandises.

I.. didn’t win. Maybe better luck next time!