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I read about Haeun Khon restaurant on wAntAn productions a little while back and thought it’d be a place worth trying out. Despite staying relatively close to Amcorp Mall, I have only been to that place a couple times, one of which was for watching Ju On, they have the best cinemas for that sort of movie (atmosphere wise), but that’s another story for another day.

Haeun Khon Korean Restaurant at Amcorp Mall
simple deco, nice illustrated menu

The restaurant is rather smallish and has a simplistic no-frill decoration of some korean flags, out-of-date posters, and some fake plan cherry plants to give you an impression that they tried to care about creating an atmosphere, but not quite entirely impressive. Then again, it is in line with the whole old school look of Amcorp Mall, and I really do care alot more about the food rather than the deco, which is why I was there anyway.

We ordered the recommended beef bulgogi set and the Samkyeh Tang (gingseng chicken soup) set for dinner. The sets came with four sides, including kimchi, tofu, some marinated mango, and some vege. The beef bulgogi came with rice and soup, too.

Haeun Khon Korean Restaurant at Amcorp Mall
Samkyeh Tang and beef bulgogi

Both the meals were very good, the beef was marinated to perfection and not over cooked, leaving it tender and full of juicy flavor. The half a small-size chicken in samkyeh tang was very soft and the soap taste strongly of Korean ginseng. I devoured the half a ginseng completely, too (didn’t seem to help my stimana on the Hantu Bola futsal yet, however).

The side dishes were very good too, I am usually not a kimchi person, but the kimchi served was not too overly sour or spicy, I finished it, and throughly enjoyed. The dinner only cost RM 34.44 with the two set dinners and drinks. Bulgogi was RM 13.90 and Samkyeh Tang RM 14.90. There’s a 5% government tax, as usual, but to my delight, no 10% service charge.

Haeun Khon Korean Restaurant at Amcorp Mall
leave no prisoner!

Amcorp Mall is pretty accessible, located next to the Taman Jaya lake, you can get there either via the LRT or well, you could drive. The parking is RM 2 per entry after 6pm on weekday, pretty reasonable. Give it a try, I myself will definately go there again.

map to Amcorp Mall, Petaling Jaya
map to Amcorp mall, neat huh?

Lot 336 & 363, Amcorp Mall,
No. 18, Persiaran Barat,
Off Jalan Timur
46050 Petaling Jaya

GPS: 3.104778, 101.647117
Tel: 03-79572181