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How many times has it occured in your mind that you so want to go to Penang just so you get to devour the asam laksa there? Well, if you’re a laksa lover living not too far from PJ, you have salvation. According to kerol and suanie, this shit is teh good. (I’m not a huge laksa fan, and prefer real dinner like bak kut teh, heehee)

Kedah Asam Laksa at Alisan SS4, PJ
suan and kerol look so happy!

The stall is situated at this eating place called Alisan, basically a mamak + kopitiam type of setting, with numerous hawker stalls offering fried lala, yong tau foo, wan tan mee, and of course, the laksa. According to kerol, this laksa is of the Kedah style, which is slightly less soupy than the Penang type, but otherwise pretty much the same.

Asam Laksa at SS4 Alisan PJ
This plate shouldn’t be hard to clean..

The asam laksa is served in a plate rather than a bowl, and comes with generous portion of chillie padi on the side. In the plate there are your standard laksa noodle, shrimp sauce, fish based soup, chopped vege, cucumber, and some other stuff that I cannot name. It’s delicious, that is why these 2 girls finished it clean even after just having a heavy dinner less than 2 hours prior. I didn’t eat, I was still full. hehe

A thing to note though, this laksa stall is like the superstar of the hawker stalls at this area. It had been on some chinese newspapers twice since I moved there. As a result, it is always pretty busy and they ask that you self-serve. Other than laksa, they have pretty good Jawa Mee, Chai Kuih, and some Chinese dessert soup/drink. The laksa is RM 3.50 if I remember correctly.

Video taken on 26th June, 2013

Map to Alisan at SS4 PJ
Call me when you go there, I am only 5 mins away on foot.

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Jalan SS 2/4A,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.111388, 101.611133