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OK folks, some of you might have read my previous post titled – “ALEmentary, My Dear“. On that post I talked about Kilkenny’s ALEmentary Knowledge Facebook game and how you can stand a chance to win the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or the Google Nexus 7.

To increase the winning chances for you guys, I provided you with some screenshots and tips on how to improve your score on the game.

Well, a picture says a thousand words, but I think a video, with 30 “pictures” per second, says a whole lot more words than mere pictures and descriptions.

So here’s a game guide for you (don’t laugh at me and Haze ok, we tried our best, hehe)

Hopefully the combination of our guide and your skills will get you to win these babies

  • Grand Prize – Samsung Galaxy Note 2
  • First Prize – Google Nexus 7
  • 5x Weekly Prizes – Exclusive Kilkenny T-Shirt

Play the ALEmentary Knowledge game right NOW! Good luck and let me know if you win!