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Last Thursday evening I stopped by Bangsar Shopping Centre right after work to attend the launch of ESPN Castrol Football Crazy’s Longest Pass launch.

At the launch was none other than the former England international and Liverpool legend himself, Steve McMahon, with hosts Adam C and Patricia K.

launching of ESPN Castrol's Football Crazy longest pass
launching of ESPN Castrol’s Football Crazy longest pass

Castrol Football Crazy’s Longest Pass is an attempt to unite football fans across Asia by stringing up a never ending football pass on video. Steve kicks off the launch here by doing his pass, and you can be a part of this too. (I did, in fact, check out the video below)

  1. Set your digital video recorder, camera or mobile phones to the highest quality setting possible, and save your clip as mpg, avi, mov, 3gp or flv.
  2. Record a video of yourself receiving a football from your right side. Dribble the ball, chest it, head it, show off your moves, or even do your crazy stuff!
  3. Then pass the ball to your left side. Make sure you receive the ball from your right and pass to your left!
  4. Keep your entire body within the video frame. Don’t forget to have fun with your pass!
  5. Upload that video to YouTube and send the link to Don’t forget to share your full name and country as well!

Do keep in mind to have the video under 20 seconds though, and if you don’t have any fancy moves, keep it simple, like I did in the video (and not like the other 2 professional football tricksters)

with the Liverpool legend Steve McMahon
a photo with the Liverpool legend Steve McMahon

I had my Malaysia jersey handy during the event as I had my regular futsal game later at the same night anyway.

I always thought Steve McMahon is this really serious lad but he turned out, as people who knows him says, a teddy bear. Very friendly and approachable guy for sure. I of course, didn’t leave without having a photo op with the legend.

joshua & I have a chat with Steve McMahon
Joshua & I have a chat with Steve McMahon

After the official launch we even had a chance to have a chat with Steve himself, with regards to the current football scene in BPL, Champion’s league, and we even touched on the local scene.

The professional pundit and I both agreed that it’ll be a touch match for MU against Barca, while Joshua is already worried if the referees might favor the Spanish giants.. we shall see!

ex Liverpool vs the current hardcore MU supporter
ex Liverpool vs the current hardcore MU supporter

Look at the photo above, Joshua was actually wearing an MU t-shirt, and Steve is totally cool with that despite himself being from Liverpool, MU’s arch-rival. I kinda wished that Steve would give him more of a hard time, hehe.

Adam C, one of the hosts of Football Crazy
Adam C, one of the hosts of Football Crazy

I’ve taken my video, and now it is your turn too, do it and you’ll be able to get on TV and show off your talent (up to 20 seconds anyway. hehehe), it is that simple.

Find out more at Castrol Football Crazy Facebook page, in the mean time, get that video recorder ready!