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I went to the Shah Alam stadium for the autocross event that my friends were participating but instead bumped into this interesting 4×4 event just across the other side of the stadium. Much like autocoss events, the 4×4 challenge is held with the time trial format. Whichever car that finishes the course in shortest amount of time wins.

4x4 challenge at Shah Alam
a jeep splashing through the mud

There are two participants for every car (4×4 jeep). Whenever the vehicle gets stuck, which happens frequently, the co-driver will have to go down and get the towing cable tied to the nearby tree to pull the truck out of the mud. Not exactly an easy task.

4x4 challenge at Shah Alam
co-driver getting busy

I did not stay long at the area as it was starting to rain, but was able to snap a few photos. Interesting stuff, definitely a lot more work than normal racing.

The bernama article on this event.