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If you are from the x-generation or .. ahem, older. Chances are you have own at least one TV in your life that you bought with your own money. My very first was in the picture you see below.

my very first TV
my very first TV

It was a behemoth of its time, a massive 32″ CRT TV that comes with a remote controller and two different sets of inputs (front and back!). Heck, even the screen is sorta but not entirely flat, an awesome feature in its time. Of course, it also weighs as much as a porcelain kitchen sink and as thick as refrigerator.

In fact, it was so heavy my friend’s dad had to take a day off after helping me move this baby to a new house.. due to back pain. Sorry uncle Harvey.

Well, that was also more than 10 years ago.

LG Cinema 3D Smart TV Launch Bloggers Party
LG Cinema 3D Smart TV Launch Bloggers Party

TV has come leaps and bounds since, and recently LG put up a preview party for bloggers to showcase their 2012 Cinema 3D Smart TV lineup at Gardens GSC Signature, and the reception was rather awesome. Those who attended the event were left impressed with the line up that LG has to offer.

Attendees had a chance to try out the immersive 3D experiences delivered by the largest 3D Smart TV in the country, and there were also showcase of Dual Play technology – which allows you to play 2 person games with 2 TV, instead of traditional top/bottom or left/right split screen method.

top 3 CNET Asia 3D TV Winners - all from LG

top 3 CNET Asia 3D TV Winners – all from LG

LG’s offering is head and shoulder ahead the competition, the recent CNET Asia 3D TV comparison have LG TVs ranked first, second, and third. That is saying something isn’t it?

LG’s Smart TV has all the bells and whistles built in, and not just something with a pretty design. It’s DLNA ready, you can watch Youtube on it, play movie straight out of thumb drive/network, and so much more.

our very own LG party at a friend's house
our very own LG party at a friend’s house

You can watch flicker free 3D movies from blueray, 3D movie files, and more impressively, convert ordinary videos to 3D by the touch of a button.

How I know this? A friend actually hosted a small party just to show case his newly bought LG 3D TV not long ago, and we were all mighty impressed. True story.

To keep up with more news and latest technologies with LG 3D TVs, check out LG’s TV/Audio/Video blog.