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I don’t know why I agreed to do this, I mean, prior to getting all the details I vaguely remember it could be something very relaxing, a few of us hanging out at Tangs and be chilling and blogging. So I agreed.

Then the details came in. We’d be blogging inside a DISPLAY WINDOW at Tangs Pavilion from 10am to 10pm this Friday and Saturday (that’s starting tomorrow!), with only toilet breaks every 3 hours. I think even meals are going to be served to us in the display, emmm emm.

More details at the Live Manniquin Blogathon 2009 facebook page.

bloggers at Tangs

As the event is a collaboration between Intel, Tangs, and Lenovo, we’ll be wearing cool outfits (got stylist ok!) from Tangs and working with Lenovo machines that are powered by Intel processors.

Technology meets fashion, the first time I’m associated with something that’s got to do with fashion, it is.. strange. Having dated someone who contributed to TiC doesn’t count, I guess.

Anyway! The four contestants – Cheesie, Huai Bin, Wern Shen, and myself are vying on the top prize that is a Lenovo Ultra Slim laptop. 60% of our points will be from number of posts/tweets/photos/comments, but another 40% from your votes in person!

So come over and vote for meeeeee!

Gosh I hope the aircondinging works…

This event was the result of a sponsorship campaign between Intel, Lenovo and TANGS Pavilion

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