TTDI has always been a hotbed for middle-to-high-end restaurants in KL

That being said, it hasn’t always been one of my favorite places to visit due to the challenging parking situation. Well, there’s an exception to the rule, if the restaurant is situated at a building like Director’s Cut does, basement parking to the rescue!

Director's Cut, Menara Ken TTDI
Director’s Cut, Menara Ken TTDI

Director’s Cut is operated by the people who’s no stranger in KL food scene, having first set up El Cerdo almost 20 years ago, and are still running The Whisky Bar KL, The Steakhouse KL, Dining in the Dark KL, etc. This is their latest venture at Menara KEN TTDI offering prime steaks & artisan pasta. We were invited to sample just that over a weekend afternoon.

The restaurant itself is split into two sections, a bar & lounge area, and a dining room. Interior decoration was tastefully done without being dramatic, and I appreciate that it is bright and inviting enough of a space even with a baby. There’s also a baby grand piano at a corner, I’m assuming there’s music on some nights?

The menu is a four pager with two attributed to pasta & meat, one for salad/appetizer, and another half a page for desserts. Nothing overly complicated that one should spend more than a few minutes to decide.

Burrata, Foie Gras Au Torchon
Burrata, Foie Gras Au Torchon

We started off with a plate of burrata (mozarella & cream, RM 58) on mushroom terrine with crispy quinea, mixed greens, cherry tomato, and balsamic glaze. An appetizing beginning with pretty complex textures, I also like the contrast between the greens & creamier cheese.

Foie Gras Au Torechon (RM 48) is their homemade cherry valley duck liver pate topped with pistachio, tomato marmalade, microgreens, and served with crunchy brioche. If you like duck liver pate, you’d love this, it’s super creamy, strong, cold, and really satisfying. Like durian & tempoyak, it’s probably not for everyone.

Spaghetti Frutti Di Mare All' Aglio Olio
Spaghetti Frutti Di Mare All’ Aglio Olio

Can’t go to a place that has artisan pasta in the title without trying their spaghetti, right?

The Spaghetti Fruitti Di Mare All’ Aglio Olio (RM 78) is one of their homemade pastas in the menu. Homemade in this context meant that the dough is made in house with¬† dough and eggs from their Penang Hill farm. There’s a couple huge tiger prawns, Hokkaido scallops, and what turned to be our favorites – octopus tentacles in this seafood pasta. It was simple yet beautifully done.

Dry-Aged Duck Breast
Dry-Aged Duck Breast

From the same Penang Hill farm that gave us the pate & those pasta dough came the Dry-Aged Duck Breast (RM 118), served with purple olive, seasonal vegetables, and an absolutely delightful red wine balsamic sauce. What stood out to me in this dish was actually the fried dauphinoise potato, it was like a millecrepe of potato, deep fried! I can’t get enough of it. As for the dry-aged duck itself though, I actually would like it a bit more moist, but maybe that won’t be dry aged anymore… ?

Chilled Aged Grain Fed Porterhouse Steak
Chilled Aged Grain Fed Porterhouse Steak

After all the above, we were served the Chilled Aged Grain Fed Porterhouse Steak (RM 368, min 700gram). Porterhouse consists of a smaller portion of tenderloin and a bigger portion of top loin, separating by the T-bone. The meat is served with potato & vegetable, plus selection of bearnais, red wine sauce, green peppercorn sauce, mushroom sauce etc..

We skipped the sauce and went with the selection salt instead. There’s sea salt, garlic salt, garden salt, chilli salt, and onion salt. A dash of garlic salt provide just enough seasoning to allow one to enjoy the natural taste of these premium cut. It should be the only way to enjoy quality beef, isn’t it?

In the world of Wagyu A5 at every 3rd restaurants, having proper aged beef with a texture to chew on is actually a great change of pace that I find myself really enjoyed.

We skipped desserts, and indeed, dinner after, that was enough food for a day for the two of us, especially since we wiped down every plate.

directors cut menu (1) directors cut menu (2) directors cut menu (3)

directors cut menu (4) directors cut menu (5)

menara ken ttdi map

Director’s Cut
Unit G5, Menara Ken,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.153381, 101.622291
Tel: 012-800 5902

KY eats – Steaks, Pasta, and more at Director’s Cut, TTDI
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6 thoughts on “KY eats – Steaks, Pasta, and more at Director’s Cut, TTDI

  • December 5, 2023 at 9:34 am

    The Dry-Aged Duck Breast looked quite moist in your photo. ūüôā
    The Porterhouse Steak is a bit too raw for me, I’d enjoy medium doneness.

    • December 5, 2023 at 4:34 pm

      Choi Yen: medium rare pleaseeeeeee, well the dry-aged duck isn’t too dry but I’d love for it to be even more moist, maybe i’m too used to those smoked duck breast…

  • December 5, 2023 at 4:45 pm

    What? No dessert? Give me the panna cotta!!!
    Food looks great – nice plating! Director’s Cut…interesting name.

    • December 6, 2023 at 3:15 pm

      suituapui: haha yah, way too full by then.

    • December 12, 2023 at 11:14 am

      Charmaine: hahaha who doesn’t right?


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