Our third day at Jeju started out rather interestingly, we’ve gotten quite a lot of weather alert on the phone the night prior, but nothing prepared those of us who hasn’t seen snow before.

It was -4c (recorded coldest ever was only -6.4C at Seogwipo, Jeju), with rather strong wind to add, a full winter not-so wonderland experience.

cold weather calls for warm stew and soup
cold weather calls for warm stew and soup

After having the ladies worked up their courage, we braved the road carefully (gotten slippery!) in search for brunch and ended up at Sanji Haejangguk 산지해장국 (성산점). As it turned out, a pretty famous restaurant in Jeju that serves beef haejangguk, or hangover soup.

In fact, the entire menu only consists of Beef Haejangguk (10,000 KRW) and Sonaejangtang (11,000 KRW) or innards soup. Naturally, we ordered both versions, a portion of  innards, and two hangover soup, with an additional bowl of rice since there’s 4 of us.

Thankfully the restaurant did not force us to order 1 portion each like some other places, since the servings can be quite big.

banchan, hangover stew, innard soup
banchan, hangover stew, innards soup

Service was very fast here, probably due to the fact that they have only two items in the menu. Both types of soup/stew came boiling hot in the (I think) metal pot with banchan (Korean side dishes, including kimchi etc) and steamed rice.

I was very excited to see huge chunks of coagulated blood in the hangover soup but as it turned out, the blood was a little too tough and not soft and silky like pig/duck blood. However, the soup was delicious with beef slices, plenty of spring onion, bean sprouts, and more.

Even better was the innards soup, with good amount of beef tripe and intestine cooked to perfection, they were super tender and absolutely on point. Soup base were similar in both dishes and our bodies were definitely warmed up and satisfied after the meal here.

tripe, beef slices, or blood?
tripe, beef slices, or blood?

Now where can I find this dish in Malaysia?

Sanji Haejangguk jeju menu


Sanji Haejangguk (Seongsan Branch)
30-4 Seongsanjungang-ro,
Seongsan-eup, Seogwipo-si,
Jeju-do, South Korea
GPS: 33.462348, 126.933047

KY eats – Hangover Stew at Sanji Haejangguk 산지해장국 (성산점), Jeju Island
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