Bak kut teh is synonymous with Klang, but if you peek a little closer, this Hokkien dominated part of Klang Valley offers a few more dishes that hasn’t yet extend out to the wider Malaysian lexicon just yet.

Melawis Noodle House, with one old school chef
Melawis Noodle House, with one old school chef

As someone who’s been staying near Klang for a few years now, I’d like to introduce one of them to you today – the Klang Red Wine Mee Suah, specifically this version at Melawis.

Melawis is located just across the river and pretty close to the original Teluk Pulai bak kut teh area. Being at a shop lot around housing area, parking is never overly challenging, and the place carries a relaxed, kampung style ambiance.

This shop has only one stall that offers six different dishes – soup, dry, loh mee, mee hun kueh (pan mee, Klang style), and red wine mee suah, ranging from RM 7.50 to RM 10.

My favorite here is their red wine mee suah, like all Klang version of this dish, comes with mee suah, pork slices, red wine (actually home made yellow wine from glutinous rice), and perhaps a bit uniquely – a copious amount of fried shallots, vegetable, and an egg.

my current favorite red wine mee suah
my current favorite red wine mee suah

The combination is superb here, I’d always asked for egg and vegetable at other red wine mee suah places in Klang, the fact that it is default here makes me a happy man knowing my choice wasn’t a quirk but one that’s validated by one of the best places that serve this dish! The potency of their wine laden soup too is quite high up there, generating a small buzz if you’re one who’s not used to alcohol.

pan mee, red wine mee suah & their menu
pan mee, red wine mee suah & their menu

Jean tried their mee hun kueh this round and commented the tasty soup base and similarly excellent addition of fried shallots, however, while the hand torn mee hun kueh had a good texture, some of them do tend to stick together just a bit. A good dish, but one with slight room of improvement.

Will find opportunity to try their other noodle dishes next time (if I can convince myself not to order the red wine mee suah!)

map to melawis noodle house

Melawis Noodle House
23, Lintang Gangsa,
Taman Melawis,
41100 Klang, Selangor
GPS: 3.043302, 101.436505
Hours: 8am to 3pm, closed on Tuesdays

KY eats – Klang Red Wine Mee Suah at Melawis Noodle House
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3 thoughts on “KY eats – Klang Red Wine Mee Suah at Melawis Noodle House

  • January 25, 2023 at 5:48 pm

    Looks good…and cheap! Not blood red like the Sitiawan ones – the mere sight of those would scare me off. I love mee sua in traditional Foochow red wine and ginger chicken soup, easily available here. Very nice.

  • January 27, 2023 at 4:19 pm

    I expected to see the broth in red hue, but it didn’t. o.O”


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