I think it’s safe to say that most of us associates cake eating with parties. Especially birthdays, when one big round cake is presented, some candles are blown, the same old birthday song later, we get to have our indulgence satisfied.

However, cakes shouldn’t be only for birthdays, and similarly, one shouldn’t always have to buy an entire cake, right? This is where Kuké Desserterie comes in!

slices of heaven from Kuke.my
slices of heaven from Kuke.my

Kuké Desserterie turns the most basic of all desserts, the cakes, to a playful blend local ingredients with creative methods to create their delicious treats. A team of husband and wife, Inn and Corina, started from the menu created in 2014 for family & friends to purchase, to the eventual birth of Whipped cakes in 2015.

The two eventually grew to offering over 30 different varieties of cakes & bakes and began to sell them online in March 2019, and on 28 of August 2020, they became kuke.my  (pronounced koo-kay)

There are two great things about Kuké Desserterie – firstly, you can get the cakes by slice, and secondly, the playful and oh so very local flavors that’s very unique and awesomely creative.

We tested 7 different flavors.

little slices of heaven
little slices of heaven – triple c, hitam manis, puteri jendol,
hunky monky, rasa sayang, the lady

Those who love Malaysian desserts will undoubtedly enjoy hitam manis, puteri jendol, and rasa sayang. These carries not just the nostalgia of pulut hitam, chendol, and gula melaka + coconut type of desserts, but they are in themselves very tasty creations even without additional help from childhood memories. I love them!

Tripe C is a trio of coffee, carrot, and cheese that somehow tastes much better than it sounds in the same sentence, hunky monky is one to go if you love salty almond with healthy dose of chocolate, and for the fans of biggest citrus in the world (I’ll always remember the scientific name “Citrus Maxima”), the lady has that on top of a properly baked butter cake with tart lemon cream cheese frosting.

a good way to spend the afternoon
yumsss, 5 shades of chocolate

These cakes were all very yummy, but if I have to choose just one absolute favorite, the vote would have to go to one of their best sellers – 5 shades of chocolate (I know, call me boring…).

Fans of chocolates should never miss this, it’s a blend of soft & hard, sweet & bitter chocolates, plus brownie chunks… and chocolate frosting all on the same piece of heaven. If I can have this for breakfast with a cup of hot coffee, it’ll be a great start of any day.

These are really good cakes, if you’re fans of cakes, head to https://kuke.my and get yourself some

KY eats РAwesome Cakes from Kuk̩ Desserterie with Cake Delivery
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