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Last week, we made a trip to Sunway Velocity for a pretty special mala hotpot dinner at Hong Kong Kool Chicken Pot (大香港麻辣雞煲). Why is this dinner special you may ask?

Hong Kong Kool Chicken Pot at Sunway Velocity
Hong Kong Kool Chicken Pot at Sunway Velocity

For a start, this pandemic has robbed us many opportunities to get together and share a meal with laughter and good food. Secondly, well, this Hong Kong Kool Chicken has a bit of a trick up its sleeves.

The restaurant itself is located at second floor of Sunway Velocity (there’s another, smaller branch in Mont Kiara). As you may know, this place is a bit of a mecca when it comes to hot pot. Well, instead of conventional hot pot, you can start off by something different, in this case, a dry pot.

The chicken pot is made fresh and took some 15-20 minutes to be served, in the mean time, you can go through the menu and pick the other dishes you’d want to for your hot pot.

chicken dry pot that can turn into hotpot
chicken dry pot that can turn into hotpot

The chicken dry pot packs quite a punch with that mala fragrance that goes well with the meat, and if you want to, they can also make it super spicy too. I thought the sweetness of onion and cilantro compliment the spiciness perfectly.

The party trick here is that when you’re done with the dry pot, the server will pour soup in the same pot to turn it into mala hot pot, what an idea right?

lamb, iberico pork, premium angus beef slices & more
lamb, Iberico pork, premium Angus beef slices & more

For the hotpot portion of the meal, there’s quite a selection of meat, fish/meat balls, dumpling, vegetable, mushroom, and more to choose from. Since it was only 3 of us this time around, we got ourselves lamb slices, Iberico pork collar slices, premium Angus beef slices, Japanese clam, and their special homemade fried bean curd roll.

HK bbq - luncheon meat, grilled bean curd, chiciken heart
HK bbq – luncheon meat, grilled bean curd, chicken heart

While waiting for the soup to boil up, we also had some of their BBQ items too – luncheon meat, grilled bean curd, mushroom ball, and grilled egg plant.

Out of these, I actually enjoyed the chicken heart the most, quite a special dish that one. Should have tried their other offal too (there’s chicken liver, pork kidney, liver, and more). The seasoning can be quite strong, but that’s the theme here anyway, strong tasty and 100% full flavor.

make your own condiment, and look at that Angus beef!
make your own condiment, and look at that Angus beef

We then moved to hot pot, of the three different type of meat, Angus was the one we absolutely couldn’t get over with. It was so tender, a dip in the boiling soup for 4-5 seconds is all you need. I eat them without any condiment, it was that good.

The lamb and pork did not disappoint either, and if your condiment isn’t awsome, you only have yourself to blame, there are over a dozen different type for you to choose and mix.

At the end, the meal is a 3-in-1 experience of sort  – dry pot, grilled dish, hot pot. Quite a unique experience.

watercress honey, grilled egg plant, Japanese clam
watercress honey, grilled egg plant, Japanese clam

Oh, before I forget, if you’re at Hong Kong Kool Chicken Pot, their watercress honey drink is a must order. Never thought watercress can be made into a drink instead of soup, but it worked really really well balancing off these strong flavored dishes.

location map - Sunway Velocity

Hong Kong Kool Chicken Pot 大香港麻辣雞煲
V03A-02-02, Sunway Velocity,
Lingkaran SV, Maluri,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
GPS3.127852, 101.725303
Tel:012-793 5929

While driving around Taman Berkeley area looking for a meal the other day, we chanced upon this new joint by the name of Heritage Kopitiam, a few doors down Thye Huat kopitiam, another one of our favorites.

Heritage Kopitiam, Taman Berkeley
Heritage Kopitiam, Taman Berkeley

As it turns out, Heritage Kopitiam offers a small selection of dishes, toast, and your usual old school coffee shop drinks (check menu below). For breakfast, we ordered a half boil eggs, black coffee, prawn mee, and mee siam.

coffee, noodle, eggs
coffee, noodle, eggs

Service was fast, but this place does get a bit of a queue for table at times.

The eggs (RM 2.20) were on point (sous vide perhaps), and coffee (RM 1.80) strong and black as I liked it. The noodle dishes were good as well, prawn mee (RM 6.50) was definitely passable with decent broth and all the necessary ingredients. However, I absolutely loved their meehun siam (RM 4.00) that carries a very strong sourish tomyam note, fantastic.

Other items to check out in the future would be their nasi lemak, curry chicken, and various types of toasts. I have a feeling we’re going to come back here many more times. The food is good, ambiance absolutely on point, and prices are even cheaper than some run down food courts!

satisfying breakfast for sure
satisfying breakfast for sure

If you’re around Klang, this is one place to check out.

heritage kopitiam menu 1 heritage kopitiam menu 2

map to Thye Huat, Taman Berkeley

Heritage Kopitiam 大馬茶室
22, Lorong Lang, Taman Berkeley,
41150 Klang, Selangor
GPS3.0563175, 101.464247