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This will be perhaps the simplest blog post for a long time, but I just want to have this documented, the original intention of having this blog space anyway.

cherry tomato with dried sour plum
cherry tomato with dried sour plum

A few weeks ago when I was back home with mom, she brought out these cherry tomato with a twist – with dried sour plum within. Having it chilled was especially delicious, a mixture of freshness and sweetness from cherry tomato contrasting those sour & salty note offered by dried sour plum, makes for a very good and appetizing snack.

I first thought this was something she bought from the stores, but as it turns out, mom actually DIY this snack at home by splitting the tomato with a small knife, inserting dried sour plum (after removing seed), and chill it in the fridge for a few hours.

Not sure if it’s something you can buy off the shelves, have you tried anything like it?

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  1. Your mom’s very own food hack! 😀

  2. This is interesting! Never tried it before but I wouldn’t mind it!

  3. Bet that tastes great but I guess they do not keep too long since they do not end up pickled?

  4. Wouldn’t the end result be quite sour since cherry tomatoes can be a bit sour and so are the sour plums? Your mom is very creative but I’ve never thought of putting these two together…wonder what it’ll taste like? 😉

  5. If I remember correctly, I saw Taiwanese have similar “food”.

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