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For many, Klang is synonymous with bak kut teh, and while that is obviously a true statement, this part of the most populous area in our beloved country has more to offer if you look a little closer.

A couple weeks ago, we went over to San Sin Kopitiam for one of these other hidden gems in Klang.

San Sin kopitiam at Klang
San Sin kopitiam at Klang

Our destination was San Sin Kopitiam, a stone’s throw away from Law Tian kopitiam and just a couple minutes from the famous Boston Restaurant. The kopitiam is home to quite a few different stalls offering bak kut teh, loh bak, grilled fish, and more. Our target was this stall with an old couple offering steam fish noodle, steam lala, and kangkung cuttle fish. We ordered the first two dishes.

pomfret meehun for 2 pax, steamed lala
pomfret meehun for 2 pax, steamed lala

These dishes are made fresh so it took a little while to be served. Steamed fish noodle is a shallow pot with meehun, a whole pomfret, some meat balls, salted vege, tomato, and sour plum in soup. A deliciously healthy meal for sharing, and especially perfect for a cold evening.

There’s also something about this part of Klang with their steam lala. Packed with fresh ginger, cili padi, and garlic oil, their version of lala is competent and certainly serve as a good companion dish to the meehun.

If you want a good, light meal, this is a great option.

San Sin kopitiam map in Klang

San Sin Kopitiam
47 & 49, Persiaran Sultan Ibrahim,
Kawasan 15, 41200 Klang, Selangor
GPS: 3.048811, 101.450187
Tel: 012-231 6226

When I was young, seafood is always one of our staples on the dinner table, and of all the seafood, “chee yah hu” (in Hokkien) is one that got featured rather often. The reasons are simple, they’re delicious, and rather economical.

my favorite seafood ever - fried mullet fish
my favorite seafood ever – fried mullet fish

For those who aren’t familiar, “chee yah hu”, or “chia hu” is a type of mullet fish, available at local wet markets.They are usually around 6 inches in size, and if you’re lucky, packed with caviar too!

Knowing I love this fish, mom bought some over from Sungai Petani and I got to cook it for dinner right here in Klang Valley. I prepared it the simplest way possible – frying.

salted and fried, that's it
salted and fried, that’s it

Here’s how I prepare:

  • clean and pat dry the mullet
  • sprinkle generous amount of salt
  • heat up oil (enough to cover half the fish), and fry until the fins are crispy
  • remove and serve while hot!

I also fried some garlic as a side for this, the fish was absolutely fantastic with steamed rice and some soy sauce, you can also have them with sambal too.

Happy cooking and happy eating!

Decided to head to Genting Highland last weekend just because it’s been a while since we get to experience that cool breeze, and while at Genting, might as well experience the “full treatment” by getting a meal you can’t find elsewhere in Malaysia, right?

So we went to one of the latest .. somewhat hyped restaurant in Malaysia – Five Guys.

Five Guys burger at Genting Higland Sky Avenue
Five Guys burger at Genting Higland Sky Avenue

To be fair, I have tried Five Guys before in my previous life during a trip to London. The experience was pretty positive as I recalled, so I thought I could seek a reproduction.

We lined up for a bit, and got into the ordering counter. It was pretty busy but ordering was done quite fast, we asked for 2 cheese burgers and a large fries (for sharing). Wanted to have their awesome milkshake but they ran out due to pandemic supply chain issue (as I was told), and we didn’t feel like paying RM 10 for soda fountain drinks..

The order took a short bit to get prepared, and those burgers were huge. Double patties, with cheese draped beautifully over and plenty of toppings too. Objectively, they were pretty decent burgers, but perhaps not RM 40 decent in 2021’s money. You could get better tasting burgers for cheaper (Not at Genting probably) at one of the many gourmet burger joints in Klang Valley.

The fries, however, were very good (maybe not RM 30 good) and came in huge portion. Regrettably they also ran out of Cajun flavor that we had wanted to try.

Overall, the experience was slightly meh. Paying 8.25 pounds for a burger in London is cheaper than RM 40 in Malaysia, even if direct conversion doesn’t translate. Oh well, will try other stuff next round.

the "normal" cheese burger & large fries
the “normal” cheese burger & large fries

Five Guys
Lot SA – T2A – 25,
69000 Genting Highlands, Pahang
GPS: 3.4243165, 101.794563
Tel: 03-6101 1026

This will be perhaps the simplest blog post for a long time, but I just want to have this documented, the original intention of having this blog space anyway.

cherry tomato with dried sour plum
cherry tomato with dried sour plum

A few weeks ago when I was back home with mom, she brought out these cherry tomato with a twist – with dried sour plum within. Having it chilled was especially delicious, a mixture of freshness and sweetness from cherry tomato contrasting those sour & salty note offered by dried sour plum, makes for a very good and appetizing snack.

I first thought this was something she bought from the stores, but as it turns out, mom actually DIY this snack at home by splitting the tomato with a small knife, inserting dried sour plum (after removing seed), and chill it in the fridge for a few hours.

Not sure if it’s something you can buy off the shelves, have you tried anything like it?

One of the places to visit for us when MCO was lifted is this loh bak place by the name of Chap Teo Seng in Klang, or as the locals here would call it – “ngoh heong”.

Chap Teo Seong (Ngoh Heong) at Klang
Chap Teo Seong (Ngoh Heong) at Klang

Ngoh heong essentially means five spice, one of the key ingredients used making loh bak. Call me crazy, I think you should call it loh bak anyway since you usually eat with a condiment of loh (like loh mee), and it’s made of bak (pork). Anyway…

So we finally made our way there one of these nights. Chap Teo Seng is a really old school shop house offering two different choices – the different selection of loh bak, and interestingly, a char kuih teow stall too. Since I’m an adult, I chose both (always!)

the char kuih teow is suprisingly awesome
the char kuih teow is surprisingly awesome

As it turns out, the char kuih teow was quite a revelation. The smallish plate of kuih teow was packed with wok hei, and even more importantly, plenty of juicy seahum. It was so good that this was the first time I was totally fine with char kuih teow committing the Cardinal sin of not having prawns. Delicious!

plenty of choices, don't forget the century egg!
plenty of choices, don’t forget the century egg!

As for the loh bak, well, the loh bak (ngoh heong) piece itself were just ok, perhaps due to them using slightly leaning meat. However, the prawn fritters, spring roll, tofu, and other pieces were generally pretty good. We also particularly love those semi runny century egg, that’s definitely a must order.

Overall this is a place certainly worthy of a visit, and we’ll be going back there again. Remember, Klang isn’t just about bak kut teh!

map to Chap Teo Seong ngoh heong loh bak, Klang

Chap Teo Seng (Ngoh Heong)
7, Lorong Sena,
Kawasan 18,
41400 Klang, Selangor
GPS: 3.049560, 101.446815
Tel: +6 016 370 1722