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Lock down DIY project has been quite a trend worldwide isn’t it?

After completing the replacement of wooden deck with granite tiles project, we had a lot of salvageable thin Merbau planks that was just asking to be repurposed.  Many ideas came to mind, but the priority has got to be a wooden bench.

research and 3d design in SketchUp
research and 3d design in SketchUp

I went online and did quite a fair bit of research on various designs that people came up with, some even complete with cutting list for home DIY projects. At the end, a particular Danish design caught my attention. It was elegant, fairly simple, and the salvage wood I have should suffice without too much effort.

Also, this bench is priced at 1,250 EUR, yikes.

writing it all down, measure twice, cut once
writing it all down, measure twice, cut once

Many hours spent on familiarizing myself with SketchUp 3D software later, I managed to figure out the various length and angles of the cut list.

Sketch the result and list them all on my trusted wood working notebook and proper wood working job officially began.

drill, dowels, and trust the titebond glue
drill, dowels, and trust the Titebond glue

Half the effort spent was actually not shown here – removing nails and sanding away previous paint job on these salvaged wood. I also used putty to patch up the nail holes as well.

Cutting was done with miter saw as well as a table saw, and joinery was done mainly with wood dowels reinforced by Titebond 2 wood glue (my trusted brand). I did make a mock up to ensure the dimensions are right before finalizing everything.

you can never have too many clamps
you can never have too many clamps

Almost a whole week’s worth of clamping and gluing job later, the bench was in shape. It was then sanded a couple rounds with a hand held sander and finally coated with non shining wood varnish for weather protection, and also to bring out the natural dark color of those beautiful Merbau wood.

finished product - wooden poolside bench
finished product – wooden poolside bench

Final products is as above, Jean as the model for scale. Top of the bench is 2 plank wide and served as double duty for hand rest as well as coffee “table”.

Next wooden project soon!

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  1. I think you mean wood on your titile?
    Good job man! Means you save 1,250 EUR!

  2. Gee!!! Is there anything you cannot do? Awesome!!! I’m impressed!

  3. Wow, wow, wow, that is fantastic! I didn’t know you were so handy.

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