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While durian is the king of fruit, and we are well familiar with the different type of avocados, many of us may not be aware of the little hidden gem from the smallest state in Malaysia when it comes to tropical fruits – the harum manis mangoes from Perlis.

Harum Manis Mango from Perlis
Harum Manis Mango from Perlis

Haram Manis, or Harumanis, literally translate to aromatic & sweet, which also perfectly describe the characteristics of these mangoes in its simplest form. The mango has a distinctive shape, quite round, plum, and have a small pointed rear.

The fruit is meaty with a rather thin seed in the middle, almost devoid of those pesky fibers, making it very smooth, silky, and even milky in texture. It also tastes very sweet with almost no hint of sourness typical of normal mangoes, yet carries a strong mango fragrance that rewards the senses in every bite. It is simply the best mango I’ve ever tried.

usually sold in 3kg boxes
usually sold in 3kg boxes

With such accolades & relative small production (only one season per year) from the smallest state in Malaysia, these fruits don’t come cheap. They’re usually sold around RM 100 for a lot of 3kg (2021 price), which you can expect about 5-6 fruits.

The box itself stated the time/date of harvest, with the expected date for best consumption as well. Follow that, or wait until you can smell the aroma beaming out from the fruits itself before cutting them up, you won’t regret.

I had this box shipped to me by my brother who works in Perlis, awesome fruit gift! Thanks bro! Nowadays you can get them from many online retailers shipped basically to anywhere in Malaysia.

What are some of your favorite local fruits that are less “popular”?

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  1. I wish I can have somebody send me Harumanis too, hehe 😛
    I saw some seller sell 1 mango for less than RM10, maybe I should buy and have a try.

    • Choi Yen: less than RM 10 for one would most likely not be the “right” one hahaha, but no harm trying, eating fruits is always good!

  2. So, this goes for about RM20 for 1 mango then…RM10 for harum and another RM10 for manis? Hah…hah..hah! 😀 Not sure if I’ve had this before…I could have eaten and didn’t know but I would think not coz it’s quite expensive. I recently bought one that’s red-skinned, never seen it before (don’t know what it’s called) but seller says it’s nice. So. Have not cut it yet.

    • eatwhateatwhere: red skin could be the one from Japan, the Miyazaki mango, also most expensive in the world but supposedly harumanis is better!

  3. Ooooo…would be so good with sticky rice and santan. Slurpssss!!!!

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