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Kai Si Hor Fun (kuih teow with shredded chicken) to Ipoh is pretty much char kuih teow or asam laksa to Penang, if there’s one hawker dish you should not miss when in Ipoh, it should be this.

And when it comes to kai si hor fun, the most famous of it all is arguably the Tricycle Chicken & Prawn Noodle at Restoran Thean Chun.

Thean Chun kopitiam at Ipoh Old Town
Thean Chun kopitiam at Ipoh Old Town

Restoran Thean Chun is located at Ipoh Old Town, and on “normal” days, commands quite a long queue and wait time. Thankfully, due to Covid-19 and being somewhat early in the morning (before 10am), there wasn’t a crowd.

P/S: yes, we did have to obtain police permission for interstate traveling with valid reason.

The kai si hor fun is a dish that has elements of prawns as well as poultry. Shredded steamed chicken & sliced prawn on top, a soup base that’s enhanced by prawn oil, and along those yummy Ipoh bean sprouts and chives, makes for quite a unique taste. This dish outside Ipoh usually can capture some of these elements but falls short when it comes to quality of bean sprouts.

Also,  speaking of bean sprouts, they are offered as a side dish as well, which I recommend 100%.

kai si hor fun with bean sprouts
kai si hor fun with bean sprouts

Other than the excellent kai si hor fun, another stall worth checking out would be the pork satay at the rear. We tried their pork meat satay as well as intestine (actually pig fallopian tubes, or “sang cheong”) and they were definitely yummy, especially those intestine, soft and crunchy at the same time and goes super well with satay sauce.

pork satay with intestine too
pork satay with intestine too

If you know anywhere else serving this “intestine” in satay format, let me know!

map to Thean Chun Ipoh

Restoran Thean Chun
73, Jalan Bandar Timah,
31650 Ipoh, Perak
GPS: 4.596365, 101.077886
Tel: +605 2553076

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  1. Ah, this place is infamous for kai si hor fun but I’ve never tried coz of the long queues. I suppose the people there not so ‘aksi’ anymore in this new “normal”. If you happen to try the Moon De Moon one (which I really liked) next time, let me know how it compares. But now that I found an awesome one in KL (San Peng), I don’t really have to eat the ones in Ipoh anymore…hehe! 😉 P/S: How come your kai si hor fun comes with spring onions…shouldn’t that be chives? 😉

    • eatwhateatwhere: thanks for the info/recommendations, yes it’s chives and not spring onion I was a noob in the video!

  2. That chicken hor fun looks so so so good, a far cry from what I can get here at Nam Heong…or Pappa Rich at at least double the price!

  3. I miss Ipoh food~~~~~

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