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Klang is forever associated with bak kut teh, but if you dig a little deeper, this district at the West of KL also offers some pretty unique dishes you may not find anywhere else – such is today’s topic – Hong Ba (封肉)

158 Hong Ba, Pandamaran, Klang
158 Hong Ba, Pandamaran, Klang

While the main ingredient in Hong Ba is similar to bak kut teh, hong ba usually consists of the fatty leg part, and is stewed instead of cooked in herbal soup, resulting in a broth that’s thick and sticky, but without the strong herbal note.

According to my friend Jodie, the best Hong Ba places in all of Klang is the Restoran 158 Hong Ba at Pandamaran near Port Klang. It is located at Jalan Chan Ah Choo, the main road in which you can find over half a dozen bak kut teh restaurants, you know you’re at the ground zero of porky goodness when you’re there, there’s no mistaking it.

A meal for four, Hong Ba at center stage
A meal for four, Hong Ba at center stage

Hong Ba is best consumed by 3-4 pax so you can share the entire leg portion that comes with ample amount of fatty & skin bits that are so tender and smooth. At 158, they also serve it with some “alkaline kuih” that goes well with those thick broth.

Like most hong ba places, they also serve stewed chicken feet and hard boiled eggs. However, I think the best thing about Hong Ba is the availability of those pork tendon, those texture are superb and with those broth, a match made in heaven.

hong ba, yau char kuih & alkaline kuih, vege rice, stewed egg & chicken feet
hong ba, yau char kuih & alkaline kuih, vege rice, stewed egg & chicken feet

158 Hong Ba also serves at night, but it’s run by a different person and I believe the morning version is superior. Alternatively, Klang Utama also has a pretty good Hong Ba place by the name of Swee Xiang.

map to 158 Hong Ba, Pandamaran

158 Hong Ba
158, Jalan Chan Ah Choo, 
42000 Pelabuhan Klang,
GPS: 3.009868, 101.418189
Tel: 012-2263043
Hours: 6.30 am – 1 pm

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  1. That’s breakfast? Looks like one heck of a feast to me!!! That hong ba is a sure killer…and oooo…the stewed eggs!!! Yum yummmmm!!!! You can have the chicken feet! LOL!!!

  2. Goshhh salivating laaaa!! Btw, u ate the whole Klang dy or not? Hahaha

    • Charmaine: impossible to eat whole klang’s worth of pork dishes, there are 4-500 bkt places! haha.

  3. No wonder I don’t know what hong ba is. Oh, fatty pork leg is something I don’t eat, so that’s why I don’t know names of food I don’t eat…hahaha! 😀 I’ll gladly have the stewed eggs and braised chicken feet though. What…two separate groups operating the same stall? That’ll lead to confusion and differing reviews depending whether you eat there in the morning or at night! >_<

    • eatwhateatwhere: hahaa, how can you not like fatty pork! Oh, the morning/night is run by siblings I believe.

  4. Wow the feast looks so delicious…how I wish I could travel out of state again to enjoy this. 🙂

  5. Too bad none of my family members is fan of fatty part, but the tendon does attract me >_<

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