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Since the start of working from home arrangement due to this fantastic 2020 pandemic, one of the very few positives has been the number of hours I get to sleep every night. It is incredible the amount of time we used to spend in traffic each day. My fitness watch tracks an average of almost 9 hours of sleep each night for me.

Which got me thinking, perhaps I should spend a bit more effort and investment on a surface we spend so much time on everyday?

NOTE (May 2021): Please do read comments in below & make sure you can contact the seller before buying, due diligence is always important whenever purchasing anything online.

Origin mattress, love the packaging
Origin mattress, love the packaging

Of course, shopping for mattress can be a very complex and convoluted process. Getting a mattress that is priced just right with the quality you can trust can be a fairly tricky process. There’s also myriads of different technology, something that can take quite a bit of effort to go through.

Thankfully, Origin Mattress makes things simpler by shifting things online and offering a 120 Night Return Guarantee on their Origin Hybrid Mattress.

The mattress is a full 24.5cm in height and comes in Single, Super Single, Queen, and King sizes. Made of natural latex with cooling gel memory foam and pocket springs, the hybrid nature of its construction ensures that we get the best of what each material can offer.

unrolled, unwrapped, and a few minutes later... done!
unrolled, unwrapped, and a few minutes later… done!

After sleeping rather sound for the past few nights on this new mattress, I’m sold. The mattress is firm but not hard, providing good support for the back and offers very comfortable surface to zzz in, the cooling foam does work in keeping the surface temperature in check as well, perfect for our climate.

I was also quite impressed with the way the mattress is delivered in a compressed, space saving format. Simply unroll and set it free from the vacuum seal, a few minutes later and it’s all proofed up like magic. I thought that was very impressive.

founders of Origin Mattress - Shaun and Gee
founders of Origin Mattress – Shaun and Gee
Credit to Express photography

These mattresses are actually designed in Germany and produced locally in Malaysia, brought to you by Shaun and Gee, the founders who bought the patent for its construction.

If you’re in the market for mattress or pillow, do check the – The Best 8 Pillows in Singapore article.

Origin Malaysia

No. 77 Jalan SS2/55 47300, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia</>

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday: 10.00am – 7.00pm
Saturday: 10.00am – 5.00pm. Closed on Sunday & Public Holiday

Tel: +65 6977 9637

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  1. Gosh, I have also been looking for a new mattress – actually mattress topper to give a more comfortable night’s rest.

  2. Looks like this is just the cover. Wouldn’t mind using that over my old mattress.

  3. I’m impressed by the vacuumed packaging too!

  4. Kuala Lumpur

    Hi. May I have the Malaysian contact telephone number of the sales people of Origin Mattress Malaysia. Based on your review, I placed an order but I have not received any updates even after the stated delivery date. I also have not received by replies to my emails. I had even attempted to visit their showroom in SS2 and it is obvious that the address given by them is fake and there is NO showroom for Origin Malaysia at that location.
    I fear that they may have used you to scam people.

  5. Dr Alan Wong stated that SS2 showroom is fake. Is this correct? Intend to visit show this weekend. Wonder why the contact is in Singapore when factory is in MY.
    Can anybody confirm showroom is operational. Thanks

    • Viv: Already given Dr Alan Wong’s contact to the manufacturer. I haven’t gone to SS2 showroom myself so can’t verify that, but with this Covid situation I can understand it could be closed at the time.

      • I would also like to have the local contact. Thanks, KY.

      • Dr. Alan Wong

        Hi, some updates:
        1. There has been NO communication from the manufacturers nor any of their representative since KY provided them with my contact.
        2. The telephone number provided in the Origin Mattress Malaysia website is a Singapore telephone number, a +65 number. There is NO local Malaysian contact number.
        3. The address given on the website is 77, Jalan SS2/55. If you were to go there, that address is Kedai Jubin My Mozek tile shop. On the either side are houses with Flowericious another door away. There is NO indication that Origin Mattress Malaysia is in Kedai Jubin My Mozek tile shop. The Covid-19 situation has nothing to do with the fact that the Origin Mattress Malaysia is not seen at that address. Note that their website states that walk-ins are welcomed at their showroom.

        • Hi Dr Alan Wong
          The visit to the showroom was supposed to be the last step before I confirmed my purchase. But I dropped the idea after your first post. Also it save me a drive to the “showroom” this Saturday. The rep has also not contacted me.
          I don’t want the hassle to deal with a local company that having sold locally 70,000 mattress since 2018 and does not have a Malaysian telephone contact and place of business.
          Many thanks for taking time to provide the feed backs.

        • Dr. Alan: thanks for the updates, I guess the Sg. & Malaysia site doesn’t connect to each other very well.. hm.

  6. Hai… so far how is the mattress? Has it started to sink?

  7. How can Origin put their showroom address in SS2 when there is no showroom as mentioned by some people here.. it would not be good for their reputation if potential buyers go to ss2 n find it a fake address as mentioned. And if a company wants customers it should be quick to attend to queries and instill confidence in their product for buyers, isn’t it as that can be the deciding factor btw choosing your product or your competitors.

    • ST: ops, I may need to edit this “showroom” off if it’s not there anymore, thanks for informing. Haven’t been out to the area much thanks to Covid

      • Regarding the showroom, I actually went there mid 2020. It is inside the Jubin shop, ask the owner and there was 1 queen bed on the 2nd floor for me to sit and test around. But certainly, would not be that of a typical showroom.

        • Hafiz: ahh thanks for sharing.

          • Yeah, not an actual showroom, but the mattress is there.

            It’s like the one at Jaya one, for people to see the mattress only.

            I went there in Sept 2020, bought king size also. Have been sleeping on it for 1 year – no complaint.

            I was fortunate that when I bought it, business had not picked up – I received 1 week earlier and it was for my new house. Fortunately I was there to receive it.

  8. Anonymous

    Hi KY. After an extensive research online, just as Dr. Alan Wong stated, you might have fallen victim to a scam company. You might have been tricked by the FAKE company where they sent you the real product to advertise to more people. But in reality, when more people checkout the order, they are not sending them their products and this is how the online scam works. I am very suspicious of this company as there are also many similar issues happening throughout the websites.

    • Anonymous: it does seem like Alan Wong has sorted his stuff out. I’ll add an alert on the post.

  9. Anonymous

    Reddit post from one of the victim. You can read it from the link below.

  10. Hi there, I came across this post after some Googling, and I see that you have helped ppl get in touch with the Malaysian sales side. I am becoming concerned about my order which I placed on the 19th, because there has been zero contact from Origin after trying multiple times via various means. No tracking number has been provided after the initial email confirming they received my order. Could you please help me with getting in touch with the sales team please? Thank you.

    • hi SK,
      I don’t exactly work for them. I urge you try to call the number stated above, or cancel via your credit card if there’s no follow up.

      • Hi KY,
        I appreciate you taking the time to reply. I do understand that you don’t work for them, but having gone through the thread of comments above, I noticed that you had provided the person in charge at Origin with the email address of the commenter or vice versa – and thought perhaps you still had that information.
        No matter, I intend to continue to try to reach them for the next few days, failing which I will definitely be blocking the payment on my card.
        Thank you very much again for replying to this stranger on the Internet. πŸ™‚ Have a good day!

        • SK: best of luck ya, hopefully you get what you ordered. Let us know the outcome!

  11. notaspy

    I placed an order on May 8th for a king size mattress, and only gotten it on May 25th. I did not receive any order confirmation in my email, no notification that they could not make it on the date that I choose, no communication from delivery guy until the delivery day itself. (30 minutes before they arrive)

    But I was able to get constant sales support from them.
    In return, I will share I know / found out:
    – Origin is 100% Singapore based, and they have no local presence
    – Their sales system is very basic, there is no live status tracking and even the invoice is very simple
    – For sales support, use the contact button on their website, select existing customer, this will create a ticket on zendesk, you will receive an email and usually some one will answer in a few hours (during office hours, weekdays)
    – They have a local logistic partner, they do periotic bulk shipments to their local logistic partner
    – If the item is in stock locally, then delivery will be fast
    – Their local logistic partner don’t have tracking system and there is no integration to Origin’s sales portal
    – Sales have been good over the entire Raya period, and the logistic company is making rounds everyday (a new container load of stock just came in last weekend)
    – Initially I wasn’t sure if the company is legit, I bought my mattress via ATOME, it spreads the payment into 3 instalments over 3 months at no charge

    Some comments on the mattress:
    – It’s very comfortable, perfect mix of softness and support
    – It’s the cheapest pocket spring + memory foam + latex mattress that I can find
    – The delivery man was very friendly and chatty, and their warehouse is in PJ old town

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