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Thank you Noel for doing this interview and featured me on Free Malaysia Today.

I’ve been a contributor to the online portal for the past three years or so, specifically on their Lifestyle section under Food (duh). Some of you may have seen reproduction of my articles on the portal.

If you’re interested to know a little bit about me and my online journey, the article is here.

KYspeaks on Free Malaysia Today

Until next time, stay safe everyone!

Discuss : Look Ma, I’m on FreeMalaysiaToday

  1. You are? Ah well! You certainly don’t need no introduction. Everyone knows KY!

  2. Congratulations on your achievement. It will definitely make your mother happy to see your career. Greetings from Indonesia.

  3. great pic that they used! now i must get you to autograph my phone the next time i see you! 😀

  4. Well done KY. With all your good reviews and your moderate comments on those moderate restaurants. Keep up the fantastic job and stay safe.

  5. Nice! I can say, “I know that guy!”

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