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This is the 63rd bak kut teh review that I’ve done, so I guess it’s safe to say that bak kut teh was and still is one of my all time favorite dish. This time, let’s look at one of Klang’s more famous outfit – Batu Belah Boon Hua bak kut teh.

Batu Belah Boon Hua bak kut teh
Batu Belah Boon Hua bak kut teh

Batu Belah Boon Hua is located off Jalan Meru, just 3-4 minutes away from the NKVE or Federal Highway exit respectively. Like many bak kut teh restaurants in Klang, this place is fitted with zinc roof and does not have 4 walls. The fans generally does an okay job in providing comfort to diners, but expect a bit of sweat when the weather is hot, place is packed, and soup is steaming.

You get to have your bak kut teh in either individual bowls with your favorite cut of meat, or in claypot with a bit of a mix plus tofu skin (fu chuk) and raw cabbage. Purists will go with bowls, but to be honest, do what you like as there’s no wrong way of serving bak kut teh (except if you make it pepper soup instead, looking at you, Singapore & Johor!).

We had kahwan (fatty leg joints), and pua pui chiak (pork belly) in clay pot for two. The meat were tender, flavorful, and fatty bits could be cut just by using your spoon. The soup too had a strong hint of herbal taste to it, well balanced. I do also like the fact that you can request for fried shallots as a side to add to the steamed rice, elevating the experience just a bit.

mixture of kahwan & pork belly, my favorite cuts
mixture of kahwan & pork belly, my favorite cuts

Get here earlier especially if it’s on a weekend, you don’t want to be sweating from standing in queue even before you eat.

batu belah boon hua bak kut teh map

Restoran Batu Belah Boon Hua bak kut teh
41, Lorong Pauh Kijang,
Taman Bahagia, 41150 Klang, Selangor
GPS: 3.073105, 101.447905
Tel: 012 2954 721
Hours: breakfast and lunch

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  1. Just decided not to dine out from this week onward, but your BKT meal makes me craving for it >_<

  2. Goshhh!!! That looks so good! My missus just cooked bkt yesterday but of course, that puts hers to shame. Hers no fat one, not syiok! LOL!!!

  3. i think i’d like this on a cold, rainy morning. wonder if the business’ name is inspired by batu belah batu bertangkup …

  4. Too bad that interstate travel is not really recommended right now. Otherwise I would want to pay this place a visit.

  5. Hey kawan, what is kahwan? You mentioned leg joint…is that the same cut they use for vinegar pork trotters? You seem to like very fatty meat (your dining partner too)…so geli-lah! 😉 63rd BKT review? :O You chose to make your home in the right place…hah..hah.

    • eatwhateatwhere: kahwan is slightly different from vinegar pork trotter cut, it usually doesn’t have any bones. Oh yes, I stay at the right place now. haha.

  6. Johor BKT is as same as Klang except for Singapore 🙂

  7. what is your top 3 all time best BKT you’ve ever tasted?

  8. I guess we won’t be visiting Klang for a while 🙁

  9. I visit Klang every once a month but I hardly have bkt there since I am always having meal at my parents home. Thanks for teaching me the proper way to drink BKT soup. lol

  10. KY, Kudos to you for calling out the Singapore pepper soup which they are passing off as BKT!

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