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Klang is always going to be associated with bak kut teh, but after a big hearty meal, it is only natural that one starts to look for desserts, and one great choice by Klang town is the famous Regent’s pandan layer cake.

Regent Pandan Layer Cake Shop
Regent Pandan Layer Cake Shop

The shop is located just a few minutes walk away from the Klang KTM station as well as the one of my favorite kopitiam – Chong Kok. It’s an old school bakery a set up that will not look out of place from a photos taken in the 90s.. my guess is not much has changed since it first opened in 1977.

While the shop does offer a few types baked goods, the star here is their layer cakes. These come in a few varieties, the classic is pandan, but  you can also have corn, yam, pandan + corn, pandan + yam, and during the king of fruit’s season – durian.

pandan layer cake, and with durian durian
these pandan layer cakes go so well with a cup of hot coffee

5 layers of chiffon cakes alternate with equal appearance of kuih-like jelly is what you get here, a 250 gram portion goes for RM 13 for original flavor, and durian was RM 22 (price list below).

It’s a treat of alternating texture of spongy chiffon and silky jelly, with a balanced taste that isn’t overly sweet. The cake is best served slightly cold and with a cup of hot coffee.

durian or pandan? what's your choice?
durian or pandan? what’s your choice?

These cakes run out early especially during weekends, call ahead to make sure they have it in stock, I don’t think you get to book ahead tho..

regent pandan layer cake map

pandan layer cake price list

Regent Pandan Layer Cake Shop
70, Jalan Raya Timur, Kawasan 1,
41000 Klang, Selangor
GPS: 3.040891, 101.451933
Tel: +603 7876 6417

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  1. I don’t mind either one…not like our Sarawak kek lapis. The amount of artificial colouring they use is shocking!!!

  2. I like these old-school cakes. I actually saw this sold by an online entity (and was contemplating to order) but now I know the prices differ quite a bit (the pandan one is sold at RM20 while the durian one cost RM30…and that does not include delivery charges of RM10!). >_< Haiz, the delivery charge + price difference cost more than the cake already.

  3. ooo, i’m just one year older than this shop! but i bet it will outlive me, partly due to its popularity! 😉

  4. These cakes are so popular nowadays, both retail shop and online, I’m afraid I cannot get them when I pay a visit to Klang. 🙁

  5. Salivating! Heard so much about them but unfortunately, they’re too far from my place 🙁

  6. woah i always forget this place. must try to remember to go when visit company warehouse following month

  7. Really bad attitude, bad customer service, & no intention of doing business neither from the worker nor from the business owner. Not recommended to go there anymore. All those years of nostalgia thrown out of the window !!

    They feel like customer are begging to buy their cakes and they think they can treat their customers badly especially from all their Indon workers and even from the business owner

    They should be boycott from their business as we as customers demand should be treated fairly, courteous & friendly manner

    • Jay: ahh, looks like a bad day from the owner? To be honest my experience has been none, usually I sat at the car and wait. haha.

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