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When it comes to Ipoh, none is more famous than their chicken rice and those sweet, crunchy bean sprouts. While many places offers the same dish all over town, tourists and locals alike will often congregate around middle of new town for this dish over lunch.

ipoh pak kong chicken rice
ipoh pak kong chicken rice

One of such place that is favored by the locals is none other than Restoran Nasi Ayam Pak Kong, a stone’s throw away from the more famous Ong Kee (often packed with tourists).

The shop offers quite a good selection of dishes you’d often associate with chicken rice – roast chicken, steamed chicken, roast pork, bbq pork, bean sprouts, and some of the other dishes you don’t usually find at these sort of establishments, such as sambal petai, acar, spicy sour vege, and more.

chicken, pork, and most importantly, petai side dish
chicken, pork, and most importantly, petai side dish

Prices at Pak Kong is more “local friendly” compared to the more touristy shops at the intersections, dishes here are very good as well, I particularly love their chicken (either version), and really lovely charsiu (bbq pork), the wild card here is their sambal petai, if you like them pungent and full of aroma, this is is not one  you’d want to miss.

Roast pork and spicy sour vege would be something I skip the next time around and perhaps order a big plate of bean sprout instead. (and more of those petai!)

map to Pak Kong chicken rice, Ipoh

pak kong chicken rice menu (1) pak kong chicken rice menu (2) pak kong chicken rice menu (3)

pak kong chicken rice menu (4) pak kong chicken rice menu (5) pak kong chicken rice menu (6)

pak kong chicken rice menu (7)

Restoran Nasi Ayam Pak Kong
27, Jalan Theatre, Taman Jubilee,
31400 Ipoh, Negeri Perak
GPS: 4.594754, 101.083627
Tel: +6012 588 6618

Not too long ago I’ve got my hands on some “sashimi quality” raw salmon, and as everyone knows, if it’s true sashimi quality, the best way to eat it would be .. as is – raw! So I thought of creating my own version of very simple salmon don (rice bowl) with onsen egg.

P/S: when it comes to raw food, treat with caution, you must ensure the fish is really of good quality and freshness or the risk of food poisoning is very real.

salmon don homecooked


  • sashimi quality salmon
  • Japanese cucumber
  • egg
  • Japanese rice
  • pickled ginger (optional)
  • seaweed sheet (optional)
  • wasabi

Cooking instructions:

  • sous vide egg at 63 Celcius for at least 1 hour
  • remove salmon skin and cut the fish in sashimi size
  • run the fish through with mixture of sesami and soya sauce (1:1 ratio)
  • assemble everything on rice
  • wasabi on the side

This is about as simple as it gets, and the result was as delicious as those served in Japanese restaurants, except that the portion of fish is wayyyy higher. I need to do this again.

This website was created, first and foremost, to be a database of places I’d love to visit again, and of course, to share it with everyone so that these restaurants/eateries continue to offer up their goods. Sometimes, it is a long winded entry with dozen of photo collages, and other times, like today, it’d be super simple and brief, but it is as important to me as the other.

With that, here’s Yummy Fried Chicken at Bandar Puteri Klang, also known as “Fried Chicken and Meehoon Goreng Restaurant @ Bandar Puteri” on google map.

yummy fried chicken
Yummy Fried Chicken, no fuss

This is simply one of the best no-fancy fried chicken I’ve ever had, was introduced by my cousin staying nearby. The stall is almost always with a queue, and chicken are always piping hot, crispy, juicy, and absolutely delicious. Go for thigh/drumstick if you like em fatty like me, RM 3.50 per piece regardless of cut.

They also offer meehun goreng (lousy), and some “tong sui” (Chinese soupy dessert), which are pretty decent. Go for the fried chicken, forget the rest.

map to Yummy Fried chicken, Bandar Puteri Klang

Yummy Fried Chicken
25, Lorong Pending 4b,
Bandar Puteri, 41200 Klang, Selangor
GPS: 2.993305, 101.467729

Ever since the relaxation of movement controlled thanks to Covid-19, I’ve been slowly getting back to doing a bit of hiking over the weekends. A couple weeks ago that brought us to one of the destinations that is new to me – Gunung Datuk in Rembau. It was a 5.25 km round trip hike with 630+ meter total elevation that took some 3 hours, a nice, satisfying medium effort hike.

And what do you do after a good hike? Brunch of course!

seremban beef noodle at pasar besar Seremban
beef noodle at pasar besar Seremban – stall #241A 新儒记

Since we were in Negeri Sembilan, it was natural to get something that is uncommon in Klang Valley – a proper bowl of Seremban’s famous beef noodle.

For this, we headed to Pasar Besar Seremban, the biggest wet market in the state.

The hawker center at the market is situated on the first floor, and you’d be greeted by a plethora of choices – but if you want the most “famous” of them all, head to stall number 241A (新儒记) for their famous beef noodle.

There are several choices on the “menu” to choose from, we settled on standard mixed beef noodle for the most part, but you can also order with just beef without the “mixed” bits, which are those delicious offal. Expect a 15-30 minutes wait on weekends.

starchy, sticky, and absolutely delightful
starchy, sticky, and absolutely delightful

The Seremban beef noodle is quite a unique dish in itself, with very little in common from the type that you often get in Klang Valley, such as those from the likes of Lai Foong or Yung Kee. or Shin Kee. While the others are soupy and serves with yellow/wantan noodle, or even meehun, Seremban’s version comes with “lai fun”, which is also referred to as their version of loushe fun.

The starchy sauce is rather flavorful, with beef & innards cooked to a soft and tender texture, a hallmark of any decent beef dish, there’s also a side of soup to wash it all down. I also like the chili sauce that it came with, not overly spicy and carries some acidity from vinegar to provide a good contrast.

Jodie, Desmond, and Jean, good meal is a must after hiking
Jodie, Desmond, and Jean, good meal is a must after hiking

At RM 8 to 9 per bowl, this was a very satisfying brunch, will perhaps try other offerings in Seremban next, though I wouldn’t mind repeating this very same stall at all.

map to Seremban Pasar Besar

Stall #241A 新儒记
Pasar Besar Seremban
Jalan Tuanku Munawir,
Bandar Seremban,
70000 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan
GPS: 2.730767, 101.936588
Hours: breakfast and lunch

As far as food that we consume, crabs must be one of the stranger looking type isn’t it? I mean, they are basically sea spider with really tough exoskeletons and  clamps that can snap off a baby’s finger. Once you get pass that (which most of us in Malaysia do), crab is perhaps one of my favorite the ocean has to offer.

Sheng May Restaurant, Pandamaran Klang
Sheng May Restaurant, Pandamaran Klang

Earlier this year (when the world was still relatively normal, pre-Covid 2020), our collective cravings for crabs brought us to one of the more famous spots in Klang for a dinner in which this crustacean takes center stage – at Restoran Sheng May.

The place is one of those unremarkable house-turned-restaurant set up that are quite common in this part of Klang Valley at Pandamaran. Plastic chairs, zinc roof, and ceiling mounted fans, zero luxury, but adequate for a meal.

steamed crab, size - L @RM130 each
steamed crab, size – L @RM130 each

Crabs aren’t a certainty here (as with Kali Little, another great spot for crabs in Klang), call ahead to be sure, and even then you may need a little luck. We were semi-lucky to get fairly large sized crabs at around 900 gram each (RM 130 each).

sweet and sour crab, same size, same price
sweet and sour crab, same size, same price

There are several ways to have them prepared, we chose steamed and sweet and sour. Both were delicious due to the freshness as well as how juicy and sweet the crabs were, but on hindsight, if you want the true taste of it all, steamed or salt baked would be my recommendation. Any sauce only serves as distractions to the main event.

tapioca noodle, meehun, mee goreng, Hokkien mee
tapioca noodle, meehun, mee goreng, Hokkien mee

As for other stomach lining dishes,  we had fried tapioca noodle (a Klang specialty, imagine bubble tea bubbles but in noodle form), fried meehun, Chinese interpretation of Indian mee goreng, and this overly wet Hokkien mee. All were decent though I wouldn’t describe any of them to be outstanding.

steamed lala, fried baby octopus
steamed lala, fried baby octopus

Steamed lala with superior soup was spicy, fresh, and carries a strong flavor, as good as many of the other restaurants more famous for it. Fried baby octopus too was sweet, crunchy, and rather delicious, wish I had some rice with them though.

ginger chicken, sweet potato leave, green dragon vege, mantis prawn with dry cili
ginger chicken, sweet potato leave, green dragon vege, mantis prawn with dry cili

There’s also ginger chicken, while fragrant with its generous use of ginger, I thought they could take a lesson of how to chop chicken without resulting in so much bones…

The mantis prawn with dried chili (kung pao style) was an outstanding dish, combination of hotness from chilli, sweetness from onion, sauce, and the way they prepared the mantis prawn resulting a crispy outer layer while remaining juicy within, awesome.

this was the bill for 16 pax, RM 1740.50
this was the bill for 16 pax, RM 1740.50

Overall it was definitely not a cheap dinner but one that was very satisfying. We did end up ordering way too many crabs by making the dumb assumption that everyone needed an entire crab for him/herself, not wise.

If you’re a fan of big crabs, this is certainly a place to have them at “reasonable” price.

sheng may klang menu (1) sheng may klang menu (2) sheng may klang menu (3)

Sheng May Klang, map

Restoran Sheng May
22A, Jalan Woo Ten, Pandamaran,
42000 Pelabuhan Klang, Selangor
GPS: 3.015277, 101.418394
Tel: +6016 6356268