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While home cooking is often healthier, cheaper, and quite fun on its own, I was quite ready to go out for a proper meal after months thanks to this Covid-19 era.

Hang Sing seafood restaurant, Pandamaran
Hang Sing seafood restaurant, Pandamaran

So when Yann May came over to this part of town, we decided that dinner should be cooked by someone else, and in this case, one of the restaurants she used to frequent as a kid – Hang Sing Seafood Restaurant all the way at Pandamaran, Klang. Suits me just well since I do stay rather close to Klang itself, and limited movement control period means that traffic isn’t exactly too troubling.

tapioca noodle, sweet potato leaf, kung pao mantis prawns
tapioca noodle, sweet potato leaf, kung pao mantis prawns

After having our temperature checked and names signed into the log book, we were seated down on a rather large table to accommodate for social distancing SOP.

We ordered kung pao mantis prawn, deep fried calamari (squid), sweet potato leaf, and a rather large portion of prawn dish that’s a bit spicy and strong tasting, can’t remember the name if my life depend on it… these dishes were all rather delicious and we chowed them down like hungry teenagers.

deep fried calamari, err.. some sort of prawn dish
deep fried calamari, err.. some sort of prawn dish

With the insistence of May, we also ordered fried tapioca noodle (in fact she even ordered another one to go for next day breakfast. If you love the texture of bubble tea, you’d love this dish, I am not a huge fan of those bubble’s texture, so you’d be right if you guessed that I did not embrace this dish.

Dinner came out to be RM 170 for all these and 4 glasses of kedondong juice. Considering prices of prawns, squid, and mantis prawns, I thought the bill was reasonable.

map to hang sing seafood restaurant, pandamaran

Makanan Laut Hang Sing
1 Jalan Jelai Off Jalan Kim Chuan,
Kawasan 9, 42000 Port Klang, Selangor
GPS: 3.017864, 101.418534
Tel: +603 31686627

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  1. Taoioca noodles? Sure would love to try that. That dish of prawns and also the calamari would be my picks!

  2. I can have fried calamari all the time.

    Guess it is always good to have comfort food that roll back all the years huh.

  3. after a couple months of deliveries and own-cooked food, dining in feels like a delicious rediscovery. saw restaurants in pj pretty busy last weekend with lots of customers, and i guess it’ll continue to get better this weekend …

    • Sean: yaaa, the new “normal” I guess, kesian also all these restaurants kan?

  4. Ah, I see you’ve had your first dine-in or, should I say, dine out…hehehe! ;D When it comes to tai chow dishes (which I thought was one of the few who suffered the most in terms of F&B business), there’s nothing quite like a dine-in experience as takeaway just don’t cut it. All the dishes you ordered are staples I would order too. Could that be dark soy prawns with lots of shallots/garlic/spring onions? 😉

    • eatwhateatwhere: oh yesss, good choices! True lo tai chao must be eaten piping hot!

  5. Very cool car parked in front of the restaurant!
    I like Boba pearls and I’ve tried tapioca noodles, I like it!

  6. Is this your first dine out post MCO?

  7. All of it looks delicious! Thank you for sharing!

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