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The days of cooking at home continues, and for someone like me who grew up on an island, fish is always a very familiar ingredient on the table, and when you have fresh seafood, the best way to prepare them is almost always by steaming.

Today’s recipe involves a block of fresh garupa fish filet from one of the local grocery stores, and instead of just normal steaming, I’m adding a bit of a twist – with BRAND’S Essence of Chicken.

garupa steamed brands homecooked

I actually got the inspiration from this dish slightly more than ten years ago at Yap Yin & BKT restaurant in Seri Kembangan with their steamed haruan fish dish. The recreation for today is slightly different and simplified. Without further ado, here we go


  • 1 block fresh garupa fish filet
  • 1 bottle BRAND’S Essence of Chicken
  • 1 inch ginger, sliced
  • 1/2 glove garlic, diced
  • some wolfberries
  • 1 tablespoon soya sauce
  • salt to taste

garupa steamed brands homecooked with brand's chicken essence


  • clean and dry fish, salt it lightly
  • placed ginger both above and under fish in steaming bowl
  • pour BRAND’S Essence of Chicken + soya sauce
  • steamed for 10-12 minutes (depending of fish thickness)
  • separately fry garlic till golden brown
  • use garlic & spring onion as garnish, serve while hot

The result is a dish that’s also full of nutrient and also yummy to eat. Try it!

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Discuss : KY cooks – Homecooked Steamed Garupa with BRAND’S Essence of Chicken

  1. I normally discharge the water released from the fish before pouring the soy sauce.

  2. Same as Choi Yen, steam and pour away the water first. Wow!!! BRANDS chicken essence – that sure does not come cheap!

  3. I’ve never drank essence of chicken before…I wonder what that tastes like. To use a whole bottle of it is not too much? I guess when your fish is super fresh (and yours look super even looks like ma yau), you probably don’t need to discard the water first.

  4. i’m a fan of brand’s essence! 🙂 this recipe sounds really interesting, combining fish and chicken flavours. i saw a ramen shop in sri petaling offer ginger chicken ramen recently with brand’s essence, which sounds very tasty too :)))

  5. Thanks for sharing dear

  6. Looks light and fresh. I would like this with brown rice.

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