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When I was young, mom always made sure that there’ll be one soup dish in every meal. Usually it’s something like.. 1 meat, 1 vege, 1 soup, balanced diet, like it should be.

One of the easiest and fastest soup to cook would be bayam, a vegetable that can be obtained rather cheaply here in Malaysia. So here goes my simple recipe of the day – bayam soup with ikan bilis.

bayam soup homecooked


  • a handful of ikan bilis  (dried anchovies)
  • a few bulb of garlic
  • some wolf-berry
  • bayam vegetable
  • 1.5 liter of water


  • Boil ikan bilis + garlic + wolf berry for 30 minutes
  • Add bayam for 1 minute
  • Add salt to taste, maybe some pepper
  • Ready to serve,  additionally you can also stir and egg or two prior to serving for extra protein

There are some recipes calling for discarding the anchovies, but I believe in not wasting perfectly fine food, especially since I bought these from Kota Kinabalu’s Filipino market, which is of pretty decent quality.

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Discuss : KY cooks – Homecooked Bayam Soup

  1. My friend just sent me a whole lot of bayam and other vegetables from her garden! Haven’t decided how to cook it yet.

  2. I love bayam. This is good as a soup or stir-fry. As a veggie stir-fry (with a little soup), I like to add salted & century eggs.

    P/S: When your feed was not updated on my sidebar a while ago, I deleted it so that I could add it again in the hope the situation would be rectified (I’ve done so with other blog sites before and it worked). Somehow, when I tried to do that with your blog, it didn’t allow me to add your url again (and yes, I was able to add other urls, I tried). So, now your feed is missing from my side bar (not by choice)…T_T and I have to check in every now and then to see if you have new posts…haiz (so excuse me if I’m late to some of your posts). Did you do anything to your blog site lately?

    • eatwhateatwhere: ahh didn’t do anything to it, wonder what happened. It seems to appear find for me using feedly.

  3. thanks to popeye’s influence, spinach was my favourite veggie when i was a kid. i still love it now, cos i like tender, leafy veggies. your recipe is perfect for me – except i hate ikan bilis and i love garlic – so i’ll skip the anchovies and add extra garlic 😀

  4. Normally I will stir fry the anchovies first before adding water to boil it, for that extra fragrance 🙂

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