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Like many of you, I love myself a bowl of ice cold dessert on a hot day, and in this part of the world, what’s better than a bowl of ice cold cendol, one of the most popular cold desserts this part of the world.

I mean, bingsu & kakigori is nice and all, but they’re not cendol.

Kwong Wah Ice Kacang at Happy Mansion
Kwong Wah Ice Kacang at Happy Mansion

Good cendol is easily found in Penang and Melaka, but if you’re in Klang Valley, most options tend to be of the mamak cendol + rojak variety, which is alright to curb addiction, but doesn’t quite leave you in post-orgasmic satisfaction sort of way. Most likely due to the harsher shaved ice and quality of ingredients, like normal brown sugar instead of gula melaka, and normal red beans instead of those bigger variety.

Cendol with Gula Melaka, yums
Cendol with Gula Melaka, yums

For folks in PJ, Kwong Wah Ais Kacang at Happy Mansion serves up a good version of cendol that hits the spot squarely. A bowl will set you back RM 5.50, and there’s often a queue on hot weekend afternoon. But if you love cendol the way I do,  this should satisfy.

I’ve yet to try their ais kacang, but heard good things.

direction to Lai Thai at Happy Mansion, Seksyen 17

Kwong Wah Ice Kacang
Block C,
Happy Mansion, Jalan 17/13,
Section 17, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
GPS3.123148, 101.634671
Tel: 012-550 0975
Hours: 10 am to 5 pm

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  1. Bila mau belanja cendol, boss?

  2. I don’t like red bean in my cendol or ABC, weird hor….

  3. as long as our weather keeps getting hotter every year, the cravings for cendol will also increase each year!

  4. kekeke rosberg

    in shopping malls, fancy hipster cafe will charge you RM10.90 for this bowl #realnews

  5. kekeke rosberg

    and what goes well before a nice cold Ice Kacang? Mala Hotpot! Which is long overdue for a blog post ah sir! #mala #mala #oh #mala

  6. ignatio103

    indeed this Kwong Wah was my teenage days of cendol craves. Use to have fix at this stall in formerly medan selera sect.14. Then reestablish under digital mall and finally a proper shop in sect.17.

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